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lunar phases
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  • The Price of a Doubt

    There's more than enough reason to doubt the so-called "scientific" results given out by the government.

    1. The results were given out only after a week, God knows what they did to the evidence. (Remember Vizconde Massacre?)

    2. Different opinions from different specialists but no independent body to announce the real facts other than what the Government wants us to believe.

    3. The lack of statement from Ayala corporation to solidify and give credibility to their claims that it was indeed their mistake that prompted the blast to eventually take place.

    It has always been the practice of the government to either plant evidence against suspected dissenters or cover up evidence as they bluntly did after sealing off all of Glorietta.

    Now do I want Glorietta to be open for everyone after the blast? No, but I believe they should've given the task to more prolific scientists and experts on the matter. Like, for example why say that it was caused by a bomb in the first place by PNP bomb experts only to deny everything in the end?

    Would it mean that this becomes a question of credibility, and whoever has the information (as of course they only have) has the last say?

    What bothers me most is the way the investigation took place as if it was all planned to discredit all of the people who would refuse to believe the results of the investigations.

    Government: "Look we told you it wasn't a bomb, experts says so! You should trust the government more or else become the idiot that you guys already are trying to blame the government with all the bad things happening to our country. Why not blame the opposition or better yet blame yourselves and not just blame us all the time"

    People: "Like Duh?! You have the evidence and you have the final say on everything how the hell are we not going to doubt you? besides you guys have been lying to us ever since so don't blame us if we don't trust you at all."

    Government: "You like facts then you have the facts here they are from the scientists and bomb experts!"

    People: "What we need is credibility and not facts given out by a government who could change results in elections and murder people out of whim to keep themselves in power!"

    I can swallow the idea that it wasn't really a bomb if and only if the evidence will be presented without bias. If the government that investigates it is as clean as the victims of the tragedy.

    Granting without admitting that indeed it was an implosion and a faulty engineering decision made by Ayala corporation then they should really pay the price for the lives of the ones who died.

    The thing that really bothers me though is there's no fire.

    'Til recently Ayala land has still refuted the findings of the police and the government.
    A very convincing result of the investigators hired by Ayala land could be seen here