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  • wahahahahaha nadenggoy!!!

    letter for the new members of U.P. TAO batch 2007

    Dear Bros and Sis,

    A warm nationalist greeting!

    I am very happy to welcome eleven of you in our family. The family of U.P. TAO.

    Again I would like to emphasize that we are not Tau Gxxzx Pxx though I know you've heard about that phrase time and again amongst other people whom you introduce yourself with.

    But yes we are U.P. TAO in other terms a U.P. Individual or human being.

    Again I want to welcome you in our family and I know you guys have been through a lot and I'm very proud that you survived all the obstacles in entering the family.

    AS you see we never believed in hurting people as a measure of success. We hold on to the ideal that you are your own enemies.

    I am more than proud that the legacy that our family left in U.P. Cebu continues to grow and to nourish countless individuals.

    I am proud to belong once in your place, relishing my student days in our beloved Alma Mater and learning about life and love.

    Yes U.P. TAO taught me to live and to love. I guess that is the main reason why all organizations and families prosper.

    How fraternities get to survive the rummages of time.

    When you Live and love at the same time I believe there is no greater ideology than that.

    So I admonish you to love and live with each other carefully and critically.

    That is what I learn from Sir Mike and all the other batches that came after me.

    Oh, I have lots of stories to tell you about our family.

    We have a long history since 1989 and most of them even I don't know but I can tell you of our history and from my time.

    But another thing is that we are not a perfect organization. We have our ups and downs but thank God we always get up and try again.

    Strive again to perfection...

    We may go separate ways but this thread of U.P. TAO stretches far and wide.

    So again I admonish you to love each other and help each other.

    To point out each others' mistakes and forgetfulness.

    To go to meetings and attend special celebrations.

    TALK... TALK to each other but most of all LISTEN...

    Our hearts have more to say than look at each other.

    If you can and most of all if you must, please sacrifice your time for each other.

    Once in awhile enjoy life together like going to the mall, or going hiking, or perhaps go to church together.

    Place God in the center of you life whatever or whoever your sense of divinity is.

    There is still something and someone above you and who you can ask for help.

    There is always an entity that is moral and encompassing to everybody and everyones chiding.

    But most of all respect each other.

    Help in any way you can but always save something for yourself and the family.

    Over and above everything you are now a part of U.P. TAO and you are a representative to the universe and to the world of our greatness.

    In addition to this you will see we have no "tambayan" we make ourselves known by our actions instead.

    We have proven ourselves time and again, but I'm not saying that you stop yourself from having one. (haha)

    Remember there is always a time and place for everything.

    And now is your time.

    Hold it and make it right.

    So in the future you may hold the memories in your heart and say to yourself.

    I am a U.P. TAO and once a TAO, always TAO.

    Good luck and take care.

    I love you guys and I miss you.

    -floyd, "TOL" batch 98-

    MRT nanaman!!!

    ang cute nung bata grabe

    Okay madami talagang weirdo sa MRT at madaming nakakatakot na experience sa MRT pero ang ikukwento ko sa inyo ngayon eh yung nangyari sakin last week.

    papunta akong trabaho nun at op kors puno ulit ang MRT (kelan ba naman siya hindi naging puno aber?)

    so ganun sumakay ako at ewan ko kung talagang mabait lang ang diyos sakin o ano pero nakaupo ako.

    Di naman ako chismoso pero narinig ko yung mga katabi nag-uusap.

    ang itsura nila di naman masyado masasabing masa pero makikita mo para silang mga nagtatrabaho sa department store.

    Anyway ang pinaguusapan nila eh tungkol sa isang superior nilang terror daw.

    Sabi nung isa grabe daw talaga yung babaeng yun, brutal daw sa mga bata nya at pag nag-iinterview ng mga aplikante eh PINAPAKANTA pa nya.

    At that point nanlaki ang mata ko at ewan ko kung matatwa ako o maawa...

    haay... power tripping really sucks...

    heniweys habang bumabyahe kami may sumakay sa cubao station na dalawang estudyante.

    Lalaki naka polo ng puti, pumwesto sa hrap ko.

    Pagtingala ko may nakita akong ubod ng laking kulangot sa kanang butas ng ilong at gumagalaw mehn!

    Sumasabay sa pghinga nya na parang malalaglag, at konting ihit lang ng hangin ng ilong nya eh tatalsik sa mukha ko yun.

    Di mo ma-imagine kung gaano ko sinubukan ilagan kada hinga nya mehn!!!

    tapos ang malupit pa dun sumisinga siya ng paunti unti na parang nililinis yung ilong nya ng alikabok.

    jusme torture!!!!

    buti na lang nakarating nako sa pupuntahan ko...

    Haay buhay...

    Meron pang isang nangyari.

    After nung basketball practice namin sa opisina sumakay ako ng MRT at ako naman ang nakatayo.

    May kaharap akong tatlong tao.

    Dalawang baabe na nursing student ata dahil naka -uniform ng puti at may cap sa ulo at may matandang semi-tulog or tulog talaga.

    Heniweys nakakapit yung dalawang kamay ko sa taas na kapitan ng tren.

    yung sa gitnang babae eh natutulog sa kaliwa nya yung matanda.

    eh bigla akong na-ha-ching!!!

    dapat sa kaliwa ko ibabaling yung bibig ko kaya lang may katabi din ako dun na nakaharap yung mukha sa kaliwang braso ko (sobrang lapet!)

    kaya napakanan ako ng bahing, sabay sabi ng sorry.

    tiningnan ko yung mga nasa harap ko wala namang umimik. (haay safe na, di nanaman ako nag-skandalo)

    pero pagharap ko ulit sa matanda medyo half-asleep niyang pinupunasan yung kanag pisngi nya kasi nakapatong yung ulo nya sa kaliwang kamay nya so hes facing left.

    pagkatapos nyang pumunas binuksan nya yung mga mata nya ng kalahati lang sabay tumingin sakin sabay natulog ulet.

    muntik nakong mamatay sa tawa pero pinigilan ko.

    kakaiba talaga ang MRT.


    short and stout

    And so you leave,
    with your heartaches and forbidden memories,

    You leave this world of pollution and screaming cars
    the poverty and the misery
    the lovers and heartbreakers.

    how long has it been stranger?

    Six? Seven? Eight years?

    I don't know...
    I almost forgot how it was until I saw our pictures together.

    They were good old days isn't it?
    Yet good things really do come to an end.

    I guess you will never hear from me those words:
    "I told you so"

    Or the words: "Again??!!!"

    It's been good stranger.

    Those were times I'd tell my kids about
    or my grandsons and daughters

    "Listen I had a friend once, who's good at billiards but bad at being drunk."

    Oh how they would laugh
    I can almost see the glitter in their eyes

    But then again you're leaving

    Let's not say our goodbye's
    nor our apologies

    We have said much for and against each other
    thats what friends are and will always be

    Letting go is not too painful anyhow
    We have the memories to go back to just in case we missed each other

    And as you knew me once and before our painful separation:

    I always wished you well even if you pained me too much
    I always wished you well even if its against my principles
    I always wished you well despite my shortcomings
    I always wished you well after all thats happened

    and now I'm wishing you well again in your departure

    Let's not speak thereof anymore of this
    lest we get drunk in our stupor and we cling to our sins.

    My words have proven themselves and my actions otherwise.
    sail now and fly my dearest one.

    You belong to yourself and nobody else
    Good tidings-good tidings.

    oh teapot and twin teacups.

    Why we should remember to say NEVER AGAIN!

    Jovito Salonga

    *Speech of Former Senator Jovito Salonga, martial law victim; former President of the Philippine Senate; Founder of the Bantayog ng Mga Bayani (Monument of Heroes) and 2007 Recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Good Governance. *

    Commemorating Martial Law : Misa Para sa Mga Bayani

    September 21, 2007

    Bantayog ng mga Bayani

    EDSA , Quezon City , Philippines

    I understand that the Bantayog ng mga Bayani is holding this Memorial Service today, September 21, at 7.a.m. to honor the memories of martyrs who gave their lives without seeing the dawn of freedom and the heroes who survived EDSA I, but gave their all for the sake of freedom and democracy .

    But allow me to make a correction. In truth , martial law was not imposed on September 21, the date mentioned by Marcos. On the night of September 22, 1972, the news was broadcast that Secretary of Defense Juan Ponce Enrile was ambushed in Wack Wack Subdvision, a few kilometers away from Manila. Enrile was not killed. I was at home, recovering from the extensive injuries I suffered from the Plaza Miranda bombing. Knowing the loyalty of Enrile to Marcos, I doubted the authenticity of the ambush and said so in my writings during the martial law . It was only after the EDSA I, People Power Revoluton , that Enrile admitted it was a fake ambush—evidently to justify the declaration of martial law in the morning of September 23, 1972, when no newspapers arrived and no TV-radio broadcasts were allowed . It was only in the evening of September 23 that Marcos publicly announced the proclamation of martial law, through TV-radio facilities of Roberto S. Benedicto, his closest crony and
    classmate in the University of the Philippines.

    Marcos falsified the facts, including the repeated assurance that it was not a military take over, the same Constitution, he said, remains enforced . He also falsified the two justifications for the imposition of martial law--- the NPA rebellion in the north and the Muslim insurgency in the south. There was no NPA when Marcos came into power after the November 1965 elections ---but it was his brutal record of repressiveness, brazen corruption and the rigged elections of 1967 and 1969 that led to the formation of the CPP and the NPA. It was Marcos who caused the Muslim massacre in Corregidor in 1967 and led Nur Misuari in Sulu to revolt against Marcos regime. Marcos gave himself away when he said the Old Society (of which he was the leader) was sick , and a " New Society must be born to reform society."

    In any case, the Marcos declaration of martial law crushed the hopes of the youth , who saw no future except to underground . Edgar Jopson , Manny Yap and others, like Ninoy Aquino were the martyrs who died without seeing the dawn of freedom. Tañada, Diokno and Roces survived EDSA but Bantayog proclaimed them as heroes for giving their talents, time and resources to topple the Marcos regime.

    *Tayo ay nandito ngayon upang alalahanin ang mga tunay na pangyayari at ipagdiwang ang mga tunay na bayani ng ating lahi. Huwag nating payagan na mangyari muli ang ginawa ni Marcos*. Never again should we allow another semblance of Marcos to come again and deceive us and our descendants, in the name of public security and for the sake of reforming
    society . Only a free people can reform society and build our democracy.

    Mabuhay tayong lahat at marami pong salamat.

    Delivered on the 35th anniversary of Martial Law during a commemorative
    mass of Claimants 1081 , member organization of Asian Federation Against
    Involuntary Disappearances in the Philippines.

    Mi Ultimo Adios In three Languages

    Jose Rizal

    I just heard the poem sang by Joey Ayala and it reminded me how much I love this poem.
    Just by listening to it It brought a tear to my eye.
    So I'm posting it here again as I posted in my last blog. I just don't think my blog could exist without ever paying homage to Rizal.

    What I most loved about the poem is the silent call for the Divine.
    The utmost surrender of pain of saying goodbye to your loved ones.

    Perhaps Rizal has written the poem in his most painful times, we never really know but by just reading into It one can deeply sense the fear of death and the delight of dying for a cause.
    I pray I can write a poem as beautiful as this.

    My favorite line is " I’ll go where there are no slaves, hangmen nor oppressors,
    Where faith doesn’t kill, where the one who reigns is God."


    Mi último adiós (Spanish)

    ¡Adiós, Patria adorada, región del sol querida,
    Perla del mar de oriente, nuestro perdido Edén!
    A darte voy alegre la triste mustia vida,
    Y fuera más brillante, más fresca, más florida,
    También por ti la diera, la diera por tu bien.

    En campos de batalla, luchando con delirio,
    Otros te dan sus vidas sin dudas, sin pesar;
    El sitio nada importa, ciprés, laurel o lirio,
    Cadalso o campo abierto, combate o cruel martirio,
    Lo mismo es si lo piden la patria y el hogar.

    Yo muero cuando veo que el cielo se colora
    Y al fin anuncia el día tras lóbrego capuz;
    si grana necesitas para teñir tu aurora,
    Vierte la sangre mía, derrámala en buen hora
    Y dórela un reflejo de su naciente luz.

    Mis sueños cuando apenas muchacho adolescente,
    Mis sueños cuando joven ya lleno de vigor,
    Fueron el verte un día, joya del mar de oriente,
    Secos los negros ojos, alta la tersa frente,
    Sin ceño, sin arrugas, sin manchas de rubor

    Ensueño de mi vida, mi ardiente vivo anhelo,
    ¡Salud te grita el alma que pronto va a partir!
    ¡Salud! Ah, que es hermoso caer por darte vuelo,
    Morir por darte vida, morir bajo tu cielo,
    Y en tu encantada tierra la eternidad dormir.

    Si sobre mi sepulcro vieres brotar un día
    Entre la espesa yerba sencilla, humilde flor,
    Acércala a tus labios y besa al alma mía,
    Y sienta yo en mi frente bajo la tumba fría,
    De tu ternura el soplo, de tu hálito el calor.

    Deja a la luna verme con luz tranquila y suave,
    Deja que el alba envíe su resplandor fugaz,
    Deja gemir al viento con su murmullo grave,
    Y si desciende y posa sobre mi cruz un ave,
    Deja que el ave entone su cántico de paz.

    Deja que el sol, ardiendo, las lluvias evapore
    Y al cielo tornen puras, con mi clamor en pos;
    Deja que un ser amigo mi fin temprano llore
    Y en las serenas tardes cuando por mí alguien ore,
    ¡Ora también, oh Patria, por mi descanso a Dios!

    Ora por todos cuantos murieron sin ventura,
    Por cuantos padecieron tormentos sin igual,
    Por nuestras pobres madres que gimen su amargura;
    Por huérfanos y viudas, por presos en tortura
    Y ora por ti que veas tu redención final.

    Y cuando en noche oscura se envuelva el cementerio
    Y solos sólo muertos queden velando allí,
    No turbes su reposo, no turbes el misterio,
    Tal vez acordes oigas de cítara o salterio,
    Soy yo, querida Patria, yo que te canto a ti.

    Y cuando ya mi tumba de todos olvidada
    No tenga cruz ni piedra que marquen su lugar,
    Deja que la are el hombre, la esparza con la azada,
    Y mis cenizas, antes que vuelvan a la nada,
    El polvo de tu alfombra que vayan a formar.

    Entonces nada importa me pongas en olvido.
    Tu atmósfera, tu espacio, tus valles cruzaré.
    Vibrante y limpia nota seré para tu oído,
    Aroma, luz, colores, rumor, canto, gemido,
    Constante repitiendo la esencia de mi fe.

    Mi patria idolatrada, dolor de mis dolores,
    Querida Filipinas, oye el postrer adiós.
    Ahí te dejo todo, mis padres, mis amores.
    Voy donde no hay esclavos, verdugos ni opresores,
    Donde la fe no mata, donde el que reina es Dios.

    Adiós, padres y hermanos, trozos del alma mía,
    Amigos de la infancia en el perdido hogar,
    Dad gracias que descanso del fatigoso día;
    Adiós, dulce extranjera, mi amiga, mi alegría,
    Adiós, queridos seres, morir es descansar.

    José Rizal, 1896


    Mi Ultimo Adios (Filipino)

    Pinipintuho kong Bayan ay paalam,
    Lupang iniirog ng sikat ng araw,
    mutyang mahalaga sa dagat Silangan,
    kaluwalhatiang sa ami'y pumanaw.

    Masayang sa iyo'y aking idudulot
    ang lanta kong buhay na lubhang malungkot;
    maging maringal man at labis alindog
    sa kagalingan mo ay aking ding handog.

    Sa pakikidigma at pamimiyapis
    ang alay ng iba'y ang buhay na kipkip,
    walang agam-agam, maluag sa dibdib,
    matamis sa puso at di ikahapis.

    Saan man mautas ay dikailangan,
    cipres o laurel, lirio ma'y patungan
    pakikipaghamok, at ang bibitayan,
    yaon ay gayon din kung hiling ng Bayan.

    Ako'y mamamatay, ngayong namamalas
    na sa silinganan ay namamanaag
    yaong maligayang araw na sisikat
    sa likod ng luksang nagtabing na ulap.

    Ang kulay na pula kung kinakailangan
    na maitina sa iyong liway-way,
    dugo ko'y isabong at siyang ikinang
    ng kislap ng iyong maningning na ilaw

    Ang aking adhika sapul magkaisip
    ng kasalukuyang bata pang maliit,
    ay ang tanghaling ka at minsan masilip
    sa dagat Silangan hiyas na marikit.

    Natuyo ang luhang sa mata'y nunukal,
    taas na ang noo't walang kapootan,
    walang bakas kunot ng kapighatian
    gabahid man dungis niyong kahihiyan.

    Sa kabuhayang ko ang laging gunita
    maningas na aking ninanasa-nasa
    ay guminhawa ka ang hiyas ng diwa
    hingang papanaw ngayong biglang-bigla.
    pag hingang papanaw ngayong biglang-bigla.

    Ikaw'y guminhawa laking kagandahang
    akoy malugmok, at ikaw ay matanghal,
    hiniga'y malagot, mabuhay ka lamang
    bangkay ko'y masilong sa iyong Kalangitan.

    Kung sa libingan ko'y tumubong mamalas
    sa malagong damo mahinhing bulaklak,
    sa mga labi mo'y mangyayaring itapat,
    sa kaluluwa ko hatik ay igawad.

    At sa aking noo nawa'y iparamdam,
    sa lamig ng lupa ng aking libingan,
    ang init ng iyong paghingang dalisay
    at simoy ng iyong paggiliw na tunay.

    Bayaang ang buwan sa aki'y ititig
    ang iwanag niyang lamlam at tahimik,
    liwayway bayaang sa aki'y ihatid
    magalaw na sinag at hanging hagibis.

    Kung sakasakaling bumabang humantong
    sa krus ko'y dumapo kahit isang ibon
    doon ay bayaan humuning hinahon
    at dalitin niya payapang panahon.

    Bayaan ang ningas ng sikat ng araw
    ula'y pasingawin noong kainitan,
    magbalik sa langit ng boong dalisay
    kalakip ng aking pagdaing na hiyaw.

    Bayaang sino man sa katotang giliw
    tangisang maagang sa buhay pagkitil;
    kung tungkol sa akin ay may manalangin
    idalangin, Bayan, yaring pagka himbing.

    Idalanging lahat yaong nangamatay,
    mangagatiis hirap na walang kapantay;
    mga ina naming walang kapalaran
    na inihihibik ay kapighatian.

    Ang mga bao't pinapangulila,
    ang mga bilanggong nagsisipagdusa;
    dalanginin namang kanilang makita
    ang kalayaan mong, ikagiginhawa.

    At kung an madilim na gabing mapanglaw
    ay lumaganap na doon sa libinga't
    tanging mga patay ang nangaglalamay,
    huwag bagabagin ang katahimikan.

    Ang kanyang hiwagay huwag gambalain;
    kaipala'y maringig doon ang taginting,
    tunog ng gitara't salterio'y mag saliw,
    ako, Bayan yao't kita'y aawitin.

    Kung ang libingan ko'y limat na ng lahat
    at wala ng kurus at batang mabakas,
    bayaang linangin ng taong masipag,
    lupa'y asarolin at kauyang ikalat.

    At mga buto ko ay bago matunaw
    maowi sa wala at kusang maparam,
    alabok ng iyong latag ay bayaang
    siya ang babalang doo'y makipisan.

    Kung magka gayon na'y aalintanahin
    na ako sa limot iyong ihabilin
    pagka't himpapawid at ang panganorin
    mga lansangan mo'y aking lilibutin.
    Matining na tunog ako sa dingig mo,
    ilaw, mga kulay, masamyong pabango,
    ang ugong at awit, pag hibik sa iyo,
    pag asang dalisay ng pananalig ko.

    Bayang iniirog, sakit niyaring hirap,
    Katagalugang ko pinakaliliyag,
    dinggin mo ang aking pagpapahimakas;
    diya'y iiwan ko sa iyo ang lahat.

    Ako'y patutungo sa walang busabos,
    walang umiinis at berdugong hayop;
    pananalig doo'y di nakasasalot,
    si Bathala lamang dooy haring lubos.

    Paalam, magulang at mga kapatid
    kapilas ng aking kaluluwa't dibdib
    mga kaibigan bata pang maliit
    sa aking tahanan di na masisilip.

    Pag pasasalamat at napahinga rin,
    paalam estranherang kasuyo ko't aliw,
    paalam sa inyo, mga ginigiliw;
    mamatay ay siyang pagkakagupiling!

    José Rizal, 1896

    Sa salin ni Andres Bonifacio


    My Last Farewell (English)

    Farewell, beloved Country, treasured region of the sun,
    Pearl of the sea of the Orient, our lost Eden!
    To you eagerly I surrender this sad and gloomy life;
    And were it brighter, fresher, more florid,
    Even then I’d give it to you, for your sake alone.

    In fields of battle, deliriously fighting,
    Others give you their lives, without doubt, without regret;
    The place matters not: where there’s cypress, laurel or lily,
    On a plank or open field, in combat or cruel martyrdom,
    It’s all the same if the home or country asks.

    I die when I see the sky has unfurled its colors
    And at last after a cloak of darkness announces the day;
    If you need scarlet to tint your dawn,
    Shed my blood, pour it as the moment comes,
    And may it be gilded by a reflection of the heaven’s newly-born light.

    My dreams, when scarcely an adolescent,
    My dreams, when a young man already full of life,
    Were to see you one day, jewel of the sea of the Orient,
    Dry those eyes of black, that forehead high,
    Without frown, without wrinkles, without stains of shame.

    My lifelong dream, my deep burning desire,
    This soul that will soon depart cries out: Salud!
    To your health! Oh how beautiful to fall to give you flight,
    To die to give you life, to die under your sky,
    And in your enchanted land eternally sleep.

    If upon my grave one day you see appear,
    Amidst the dense grass, a simple humble flower,
    Place it near your lips and my soul you’ll kiss,
    And on my brow may I feel, under the cold tomb,
    The gentle blow of your tenderness, the warmth of your breath.

    Let the moon see me in a soft and tranquil light,
    Let the dawn send its fleeting radiance,
    Let the wind moan with its low murmur,
    And should a bird descend and rest on my cross,
    Let it sing its canticle of peace.

    Let the burning sun evaporate the rains,
    And with my clamor behind, towards the sky may they turn pure;
    Let a friend mourn my early demise,
    And in the serene afternoons, when someone prays for me,
    O Country, pray to God also for my rest!

    Pray for all the unfortunate ones who died,
    For all who suffered torments unequaled,
    For our poor mothers who in their grief and bitterness cry,
    For orphans and widows, for prisoners in torture,
    And for yourself pray that your final redemption you’ll see.

    And when the cemetery is enveloped in dark night,
    And there, alone, only those who have gone remain in vigil,
    Disturb not their rest, nor the mystery,
    And should you hear chords from a zither or psaltery,
    It is I, beloved Country, singing to you.

    And when my grave, then by all forgotten,
    has not a cross nor stone to mark its place,
    Let men plow and with a spade scatter it,
    And before my ashes return to nothing,
    May they be the dust that carpets your fields.

    Then nothing matters, cast me in oblivion.
    Your atmosphere, your space and valleys I’ll cross.
    I will be a vibrant and clear note to your ears,
    Aroma, light, colors, murmur, moan, and song,
    Constantly repeating the essence of my faith.

    My idolized country, sorrow of my sorrows,
    Beloved Filipinas, hear my last good-bye.
    There I leave you all, my parents, my loves.
    I’ll go where there are no slaves, hangmen nor oppressors,
    Where faith doesn’t kill, where the one who reigns is God.

    Goodbye, dear parents, brother and sisters, fragments of my soul,
    Childhood friends in the home now lost,
    Give thanks that I rest from this wearisome day;
    Goodbye, sweet foreigner, my friend, my joy;
    Farewell, loved ones, to die is to rest.

    José Rizal, 1896

    (Modern English translation by Edwin Agustín Lozada)

    Habang Natutulog

    Words and music by Joey Ayala

    Habang ikaw ay natutulog
    ako naman ay nagising
    at naupo sa may bintana
    at nakisama sa ‘yong paghimbing
    sarap mong lambingin
    lalo na’t madilim-dilim
    habang ika’y natutulog

    Inaantok ang umaga
    ayaw bumangon tinatamad
    ikaw naman ay nananaginip
    sa mga ulap ay lumilipad-lipad
    saang langit napadpad
    nais kong sumabay
    habang ika’y natutulog

    kaibigan, kasama
    kahati, kabiyak
    sa luha’t halakhak
    kapiling, kasiping
    Umaga na mahal
    sa silid ng pagibig ko

    Tahanan, silungan
    supling at kapatid
    Kaakbay at kaakay
    karamay sa buhay
    Umaga na mahal
    sa silid ng pagibig ko

    Martial law no more!

    The ex-president Ferdinand Marcos (rotting) and his wife Imelda Romualdez (should rot)

    Funny... no not funny... hilarious it is, that not so many people know about martial law...
    I guess our generation is not being taught about those dark times of the country.

    My observation is not so much as the un-remembering of it, it is just too many wounds would be opened and too many questions would come out.

    It is not so much a question of its legitimacy nor the need to call for it or the order it once established by fear and murder.

    It is not so much a question of counting the number of dead bodies and casualties of war between the muslims and the communists against a common enemy.

    It is perhaps the successful campaign against remembering martial law that triggers such denseness in our generation.

    Another funny thing is, I knew about martial law not from books or newspapers, I knew it from my family.

    My family are pure ilocanos who were short of worshipping Ferdinand Marcos.

    In fact my grandmother used to sing in the choir in Malakanyang.

    They always tell me then how good Marcos was how well he handles the country until them activists destroyed everything.

    Up to this day they still blame our losses to the activists rallying in the streets.

    I can't blame them.

    My ancestors are hacienderos and came from rich families, some are even holding positions of power in our province.

    I asked my relatives what happened to all our wealth.

    They can't give me a straight answer, perhaps they don't even know themselves.

    But anyway going back to their generation, and given their social status, they have close ties with the church and the elders are the ones to be followed being from a portuguese family.

    Yes I found out that we are of portuguese decent, that my grandmother attributes our temperament to that bloodline.

    They are used to just bowing down and following orders and thats the end of it even from the church.

    What the church says is the law.

    Sometimes I get the idea that because of my ancestors' crimes to the country in their time my generation is paying the price.

    But anyway yes they loved Marcos and they believe that nobody can match up to his kind of government.

    Yet that is how they also survived martial law.

    You see by that time I can hear them debate about the affairs of the state my grandfather has a love hate relationship between Marcos and martial law.

    But then I was too young to remember all of it anyway.

    So what about the celebration of Martial law?

    I wasn't able to celebrate it I was in the office... haay... sayang... but ang weird lang is why the hell do we call it celebration? duh??


    shereherhweer ---> wala akong maisip na title

    Wasn't able to go to the gym last night and opted to ride my bike with Julien at the U.P.
    I figured I'd rather keep my stamina on the rise for the upcoming sportsfest this saturday and dang I feel bloated.

    The ride was smooth except for the "occasional" stops that we did for fixing my helluva V-break...

    Went to ride at U.P. balara and muntik nang mabangga (aba rhyming parang rap)
    thats because we don't friggin know how to fix my darn breaks...

    We went home around 10:30 and washed up... was exhausted but was planning to read a book.

    Sleep took the best of me and I was eventually in dreamland.

    I don't remember what I dreamt about but I believe I did dream about something.

    Fleeting memories sucks it's like you're drunk minus the hangover.

    I've been planning on writing my dreams... oh yah I remember yes I dreamt that I have a website and a good one I was tinkering on it before I heard the alarm of my cell phone.

    When I woke up Juliens' on the CR and I was fixing my things for a basketball game later this afternoon.

    Hope I get to even shoot at least 20 points nyahaha =p

    I want to eat nachos... *sigh*

    I don't get it with band breakups... Last I heard Orange and Lemons is breaking up only to find out that they are actually kicking out one of their bandmate (Clem the one wearing red glasses in the pic) the reason being that he's always late and so and so...

    I think he became too mayabang for his own good... I had a friend once in GMA who was their bands close friend. She supported them even before they got really famous.

    Well she said Clem was really mayabang... superstar feel daw talaga and even a womanizer... she told me those things back in 2006 and now I'm not really surprised nyahahaha

    What's the problem of Luli Arroyo?

    She got personal yes calling the person accusing her father an "addict" after the guy just pointed out how his father did the (pardon the term) fingering at him.

    She even mentioned his thinning hair.

    I don't know if its a natural reaction specially for a daughter of a president to react as such not until I heard and saw her face when she said: "The rule of my mother will continue, no matter what the stakes are" (or so in that line)

    Thats when I said to myself "Ahh kaya pala..."

    I guess even if her father is guilty she'd still do the same, ngayon lang ngang guilty ang nanay nya eh ok pa rin sa kanya... siguro kung magulang ko yan itatakwil ko yun jusme!


    tagal nakong di nakakapagsulat.
    sobrang busy as in sobrang busy.

    MWF i go to play ju-jitsu (if kumpleto sa tulog but usually bumibigay na katawan ko by friday

    TTH i go to the gym (and sometimes play ju-jitsu)
    sAT work
    SUN pahinga

    ok so ganun ka hectic ang sked ko at literaly wala na akong social life.

    Naabutan ko na lang ang pinoy big brother at bandila pag patapos na. (sowee maka abs-cbn yung tita ko eh hehehe)

    So aside from enjoying the last hour of my day before dozing off or going into insomniac mode i usually think about the things that happened that day and sometimes of the things that i missed.

    its been almost a year na ang buhay ko eh naka center sa ju-jitsu ewan ko ba i just love

    not that i love hurting people and believe me ako na yata ang pinakamabait na player dun aside from richmond and ly, pero talagang nakakaadik ang ju-jitsu.

    (syet mahaba na ang nasulat ko kanina nang biglang mamatay ang computer ko potek!!!)

    Ok so just to give you an idea of what brazilian ju-jitsu is all about.
    Let me summarize it in three words:


    the idea behind brazilian ju-jitsu is that 90% of the time a fight goes to the ground, yes it is important to fight standing up but there will always come a time when you have to fall down rather you really are going down and that is when brazilian ju-jitsu comes in.

    You can break a persons arm or leg or ankle on your back. and if the people who are teaching you are those people who are really fighting in Mixed Martial Arts tournaments like Universal Reality Combat Championships URCC then you really are in good hands meaning they really are goin to teach you the nitty gritty parts of everything hehehe

    ive trained in many arts and so far the most practical of them is brazilian ju-jitsu so i think its best if you try them yourself if you want to learn how to defend yourself ^_^

    anyway i train here:
    Branch: EDSA Parc House Building
    Location: #48 Parc House Bldg. 227 EDSA

    Greenhills, Mandaluyong City. Philippines.
    Landmark: Near Autoplus across EDSA Shrine.
    Contact: / 0920-9001856 /
    (Look for Fritz Rodriguez)
    Rates: Please contact us for inquiry.

    for those who are in makati heres another:
    Branch: Makati Hotel Intercontinental “Red Corner Gym”
    Location: No. 1 Ayala Avenue, Makati City.
    Landmark: Near Glorietta Mall.
    Contact: 815-9711 (Look for Pichon Garcia)
    Rates: Please contact us for inquiry.

    for those who are in alabang:
    Branch: Kennedy Center Building
    Location: Prime Street Cor. Ventura Street, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
    Landmark: In front of Meralco Building.
    Contact: 0918-5568078 (Look for MJ Banaga)
    Rates: Please contact us for inquiry.

    for the official site:

    try it you may enjoy it basta mag tap ka lang or sigaw ka ng TAP if talagang naka submission na oks?


    This is actually a repost from my old blog but for the benefit of my GYM im posting it again ^_^ wala kasi masyadong may alam nung address namin eh

    creating sleep

    I dreamt that I was running down EDSA with my shoes already wet from the running.
    I dreamt that Im already seated in my workstation drenched and before I was able to put out my slippers to dry my feet I was jolted up by a knock on the door.

    "Floyd di ka ba papasok?" my aunts voice echoed

    I looked outside--looked at the dark clouds and the tip-tap of the rain... I thought its been ages since I get to appreciate this mornings rain.

    again my aunt called "Oy floyd!" she opened the door and asked again

    "Uhhmm malaks ulan eh baka mag half-day na lang ako"

    I turned back to my left where I can see the window, I wasn't wearing my glasses but the blueness of the sky and the sadness it provokes hastens me to close my eyes.

    I heard the door behind me close and the slight laugh of my aunt "tsk tsk" she sounded

    I opened my eyes again... "shit I'm only gonna earn half a months salary if I keep on doing this..." i said to myself

    "I'm thinking of it again... money... shit..." when was the last time that I wasn't concerned about leaving the house without anything in my pocket?

    I don't remember anymore this foreboding of poverty kept my life in check and I only get to appreciate life's beauty whenever I look at the rain...

    I really love the rain... "this time you had me"

    I looked at my watch, its round and black made of iron and the one where you wind it at the back and when it alarms it is as if waking up the whole household.

    It's 9 am... "shit ulet"

    Must get up... must do something... must charge my cell phone... must eat breakfast... must take a bath...

    When was the last time I enjoyed doing these things? of waking up each morning as if opening a gift?

    I easily forget... maybe that is... But I always do remember the poverty... or the lack of opportunities... even the lack of sleep... whatever I think its the stomach speaking.

    Ahh.. I know I'm going to blog this... I said to myself...

    I'm going to blog about what happened... and what is happening and what I hope could happen.

    This is what happens when you get to read Anne Rice again... hmm.. Servant of the Bones ROCKS!!!!

    Im craving for nachos... shiiyyyeeettt!!!!

    Its almost 11... have to eat my fill and go to work.. sigh... I'm gonna miss you guys!!!

    Setting the murderers free

    Jose Maria Sison

    Let me talk about Jose Maria Sison and his alleged ordering of the murder of his two former comrades (amongst others).

    That while the Dutch court cannot find any sufficient evidence on the supposed hand of the current NDF/CPP/NPA "adviser" it has also yet to put into light the developments of other countries in terms of putting to justice revolutionary movements who have maimed, tortured and murdered innocent civilians as well as former allies.

    One only has to look at the history of Africa and their successful campaign against criminals with a number of human rights abuses.

    The question should be the nature of the organization, the factual as well as coincidental evidences that supports the prosecutions claim.

    For one the nature of the CPP-NPA: it is an underground organization where its members do not use their true names, they use aliases instead. They also do not recognize the rule of law such that they have their own form of justice calling it the "peoples court" where most of their proceedings mostly left unchecked from public scrutiny therefore leaving the hapless suspect at the mercy of them "prosecutors/justices/executioners".

    There is no power of appeal when one is found guilty and as much as other countries have banned the use of the death penalty, the CPP-NPA always address the guilty ones on its usual deadly manner--by murder.

    Given the above definition of the nature of the organization it is therefore close to impossible to determine the hand of Jose Maria Sison in the murder charges filed against him, as well as his involvement to the massive purges of the 1980's.

    This has been a major problem ever since with the Non-Government Organization Peace Advocates for Truth, Justice and Healing (PATH), the NGO is a group of survivors, victims and members of families of the massive purges carried out in the 80's by the CPP-NPA. This massive witch-hunt allegedly victimized at least 3,000 cadres and killed a score of 2,000 suspected infiltrators in the NPA. PATH to this day aims to search and excavate the remains of the victims and bring them back to their families.

    This problem lies henceforth in the whole bureaucracy of the CPP-NPA-NDF leadership because there are no available point person to be made accountable unless it is the whole organization and they can always cower at the defense that they are a revolutionary movement at the same time make use of human rights as a form of shield against the military.

    Jose Maria Sison and the CPP-NPA has been successful therefore in annihilating anybody under its flags of revolutionary advocacy. The organization can admit to almost anything while it cannot be prosecuted or otherwise be made accountable.

    While Jose Maria Sison may be free for now it bids darkly for the organization as its victims remains searching for justice. And as long as the CPP-NPA continues its indiscriminate killings it will eventually loose its credibility as well as its supporters.

    Ano gawa mo?

    Was supposed to clean my room, instead I write...
    My muses are killing me as if in a dream they taunt me to write things I dare not write of.
    Why do these things happen when I have something to do?


    my muses tells me to write about what happened to me today, as if it does matter.
    Why would it matter I asked them, they answered "It is from what you write that determines your future. It is from what you lay down on paper that is forever etched in eternity. There is never coming back when you write your thoughts, perhaps your soul needs every piece of words to be written as if for cleansing."

    cleansing for what? ano daw? 0_0 ok di ko gets sa totoo lang hehehe pero heniweys siguro nga I have to write to give order to my seemingly chaotic existence.

    So sige let me oblige my muses what did I do today?

    I am proud to say that Ipent 80 percent of my day sleeping. Thats right sleep... jusme wala na kasi akong time sa sarili ko and for a week di ako makatulog ng maayos... either di ako makatulog or andami kong iniisip...

    sabi sakin dati ng nanay ko sakit talaga ng pamilya namin to meron daw akong lolo noon na sobrang konti lang matulog until di na daw siya natutulog uhmm di ko alam kung maniniwalaako o hindi until that time na na-experience ko siya nuong college pero di naman gaano sobra medyo slight lang siguro pag tanda ko mararanasan ko rin yun hmm...

    heniweys aside from just reading a lot of stuff from the internet and dozing to dreamland nonetheless my day was just full of thinking and trying to choose between wanting to go to the gym or not...

    Been craving for some sweets the whole day til I was able to fulfill it when I bought a small box of pretzels earlier. Ate it on the way home and went upstairs to try and fix things... well thats the word... TRY hahaha but I think I wasn't even trying the least I just feel so lethargic today...

    Stared for at least 15 seconds on a bottle of beer and debated with myself if I'm gonna down it or not but thought otherwise... hmm.. beer... hehehe maybe later but its only one anyway and I'm going to drink it alone...

    heniweys thats just it I really have lots of things to do and I've satisfied my muses as well as my curiosity on the supposed myth about eggs and cholesterol and I found out that its just as good if not better for everybody. Meaning Eggs are good for you and not bad as some bad raps being spread around about eggs.

    But anyway I'll tell you more about it later ^_^ ciao for now!

    SEO and the Filipino Youth

    Ever since the time of Rizal our race has been in a constant battle to prove to other nations our propensity to excel.

    That even a third world country has the capacity to match the skills of first world nations.

    First world countries realize that not only are we able to excel in the english language with the proliferation of hundreds of call centers servicing foreign clients from medical transcriptions to more complex operating system troubleshooting.

    That we are not only as good as sending out domestic helpers, nurses and doctors. That we can also excel even in our homeland.

    And I am more proud to announce that we were able to prove it by the existence of our own world class SEO practitioners.

    First world countries have come to realize that inspite of our shortcomings as a nation and despite our lack of opportunities the filipino can be a world class market for talented individuals and skilled internet marketing practitioners.

    Therefore it comes to no avail that there will exist a terrible need for this fount of knowledge that the internet was able to offer our country, by being able to open our windows to the world of opportunities.

    Sharing the knowledge

    With the advent of the computer and the coming of age of communications technology in our country, internet marketing has become another avenue for career development amongst the younger generation.

    Younger and younger people are starting to understand the power of the internet in changing the world.

    They have their blogs, news, hobbies, all to be found in the internet. Even Universities have placed a special premium on computers and computer related subjects on this age of internet technology.

    Ergo there is a need to share this knowledge to the younger generation as such so they will be able to nurture it and put it to good use.

    I firmly believe that we have a responsibility to the younger generation.

    That with our help and learning from our mistakes we shall be able to move them forward and beyond and in the process move our country from the recessess of poverty.

    Moving forward

    I have been told by my professors in college that there have been three waves of Overseas Filipino Workers.

    The first being doctors in the 60's, the second being domestic helpers in the 80's and the third being nurses in 2000.

    I want to propose another wave, Its a wave of Internet Marketers never having to leave their homeland and enjoying their lives with their families and loved ones.

    It is a wave of SEO practitioners handling thousands and millions of websites opening our country for more investors.

    A wave of more skilled world class competitors in the Search Engine Battlefield.

    But we have to start now if we have to realize this wave.

    And SEMCON has something to offer that we can use to our advantage.

    In the final analysis SEMCON is never a choice it is our destiny.

    My goal is to share this knowledge, and to develop it and make it our own.

    My hope is to help our younger generation realize their dream with the help of the internet and the knowledge from it.

    And my dream is to create a world of talented individuals able to say to the world that the Filipino can.


    On a more serious note I wrote this one for the chance to avail of the 2-day SEMCON pass
    Consider this my entry for the organizers to look twice. Anyway hope you enjoy reading it ^_^

    Love according

    Love for him is a splintered hand that chucks the moon,

    Love for him is the unforgiving bartender that after much chiding gets the better of the drunk customer,

    Love for him makes the river turn gold with white splashes of silver--the fishes turns to gold dust at the instance of light,

    Love for him is the point of a gun aiming at the first sight of thunder and missing,

    Love for him is a dew in the morning-the cold ground and the perspiration on his back-he smacks his lips and looked at the vapors of his breath,

    Love for him transgresses occasionally--he lost sight of his destination,

    and love for him is the flapping of the wings-the rays of the sun-the amber of a candle-the smell of a baby in a cradle...

    For SEMCON!!!

    (sung to the tune of Iris by Goo Goo Dolls)

    Verse 1

    And I'd give up forever for SEMCON
    Cause I know that I need it somehow
    It's the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
    So please let me join it right now

    Verse 2

    And all I can taste is the moment
    But I cannot think of the price
    Cause sooner or later it's over
    I just don't want to miss this oh my!


    And I want Aaron Wall to see me
    Cause I just think that he is the man!
    When everything seems to be over
    I just pray that you to give me that chance

    Verse 3

    And I can't fight the tears that are coming
    Or the moment of speakers that rock
    Well for now I can't really afford it
    SO puh-lease let me join it SIR MAAAARRRRCCCC!!!!


    And I want Aaron Wall to see me
    Cause I just think that he is the man!
    When everything seems to be over
    I just pray that you to give me that chance


    And I want Aaron Wall to see me
    Cause I just think that he is the man!
    When everything seems to be over
    I just pray that you to give me that chance

    I just pray that you to give me that chance
    I just pray that you to give me that chance
    I just pray that you to give me that chance
    I just pray that you to give me that chance

    Well this is my entry to the 2-day SEMCON pass
    I really don't know how to convince Sir Marc but call this desperation on my part I really super-duper want to go... (violins in the background). uhhmm how about Ice creams?

    Making the literal the literary...

    DJB Rizalist said...

    There are two levels at which we can analyze the Soldiers' Poem: literal and literary.

    I've tried to defend it primarily at the level both CDQ and Upoytao have attacked it: the literal.

    But Blackshama's comment made me realize the power of the poem lies not in its literal meaning but its poetic level, which we can access by asking this question:

    WHY would they write stuff that can so easily be attacked on the literal level.

    I believe upoytao and cdq both express genuine surprise and rise immediately to contradict a claim like the soldier defends freedom of speech more than reporters.

    I said earlier it was because the reporters are merely users of what the soldiers do not use and make a living of off, yet they lay down their lives to protect the Constitution from which such freedom flows.

    But there is a deeper meaning to it.

    They are saying something like this because they think reporters and journalists do not appreciate that very fact, that reporters and jounalists like de quiros attack them, even when they are ready to die for freedom of speech.

    So I will rephrase:

    It is soldiers who die for what reporters and journalists only make a living at whilst attacking soldiers for obeying the Constitution.

    It is in short a PROTEST POEM from dead soldiers painfully but proudly complaining that reporters, politicians and even poets, often do not appreciate their sacrifices or their heroism, for none of these others are themselves at any real risk of having to defend the freedoms they so cherish, unless the soldiers themselves become derelict in their duty.

    I think a defense of the constitution necessarily implies a defense of its defenders, especially those whose job it is die for the Constitution if need be.

    Reporters, politicians and poets can all LEGALLY avoid the battlefields whilst taking potshots at those taking real sniper shots to the head.

    If they tried to live and work like that, they get courtmartialed.

    Defense is the soldiers work, attack and collect, defend and collect is what LOTS of reporters do, whilst pretending to be poets.

    “It’s the soldier -- not the reporter -- who has given us the freedom of the press.

    It’s the soldier -- not the poet -- who has given us the freedom of speech.

    It’s the soldier -- not the politician -- who ensures that we live freely and peacefully.

    It’s the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is eventually draped by the flag.”


    Again let us read on the above, what would one interpret of it? I mean literarily? Perhaps poetically?

    DJB interprets it or merely a part of it as

    "It is soldiers who die for what reporters and journalists only make a living at whilst attacking soldiers for obeying the Constitution."

    As for my poetic interpretation coupled with logic reasoning or whatever one may call that permit me to ask a question however on why would a reporter or a journalist even attack a soldier? Or how does DJB define attack per se?

    Did they desecrate them, or blindfolded them and summarilly murder them? the only weapon they can use whether poetically or literarily is the sword of the pen and I really don't see the point of making that statement "attacking soldiers" by DJB.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but again does attacking journalists and randomly killing and harrassing activists equitable to "obeying the constitution?"

    When does an activist or a journalist in the middle of being tortured attack a soldier? It is this that boggles me for as far as I'm concerned there is no amount of neither literary or literal definition of that ordeal to be suffered under the hands of the "constitution fighter"

    Until now there is no anti-torture law, and most of the torture or murdered victims are brought about by the military while carrying their God-given duty of protecting the constitution.

    I can even stomach the idea that it is a "PROTEST POEM" by them dead soldiers against reporters, politicians and even poets.

    But the question is who are the soldiers protesting against? The reporters who write because they are being indiscriminately murdered and the government can't give them the protection they want?

    And where did the idea of "reporters, politicians and even poets, often do not appreciate their sacrifices or their heroism, for none of these others are themselves at any real risk of having to defend the freedoms they so cherish, unless the soldiers themselves become derelict in their duty." came from?

    Is being critical of a system that is corrupt and murderous meant not being able to appreciate their heroism?

    Now on the question of "WHY would they write stuff that can so easily be attacked on the literal level."

    By just being able to digest de-constructively a statement in the literal sense does not merit giving that option that perhaps they wrote it in the poetic level.

    That is where I honestly at a loss for DJB's logic.

    For all we know they wrote it as literal, only they could know for sure. It is like trying to interpret the bible and opening up more questions than answers.

    Their statement as I see it can also be interpreted as being not open to attacks. Perhaps they wrote it as it is as they see fit and as arrogant as most of them are towards the people they "matter-of-factly" torture and dispose of any chance they get.

    Therefore the whole argument of DJB all boils down to personal opinion and interpretation and if DJB feels that it should be interpreted as such then it should be interpreted as such. he left no room for any discussion as could be compared to a decree of a 13th century Roman Catholic Pope.

    Please don't get me wrong I admire them and their valor but please let us afford them the righteousness of their deaths by not using them as a smokescreen for the misdeeds of their organization.

    I know for a fact that they are just following orders and whatever that may be may it be good or bad as long as it comes from the top that's how it usually works isn't it?

    anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Shine on!


    (nakita ko lang ang pic na 'to sa net mukhag asteeg eh hehe)

    1. BAKTOL
    -ang ikatlong lebel ng mabahong amoy sa kili-kili. Ang baktol ay kapareho ng nabubulok na bayabas. Ito’y dumidikit sa damit, at humahalo sa pawis. Madalas na naaamoy tuwing registration, lalo na sa mga GE subject gaya ng natsci, comm., socsci, etc, dahil sa sobrang siksikan ng mga estudyante.

    - libag sa ilalim ng boobs. Madalas na namumuo dahil sa labis na baby powder na nilalagay sa katawan. Maari ding mamuo kung hindi talaga nailigo o naghihilod ang isang babae. Mga kukurikapu ay mas madalas mamuo sa mga babaeng malalaki ang joga.

    3. MULMUL
    -buhok sa gitna ng isang nunal mahirap ipaliwanag kung bakit nagkakaroon ng mulmul ang isang nunal. Subalit hindi talaga ito naaalis, kahit na bunutin pa ito, maliban na lamang kung ipapa-laser.

    4. BURNIK
    -taeng sumabit sa buhok sa pwet. Madalas nararanasan ng mga taong nagti-tissue lamang pagkatapos tumae. Ang burnik ay mahirap alisin, lalo na kapag natuyo na ito, ipinapayo sa mga may burnik na maligo na lamang upang ito’y maalis.

    -kasuotan sa paa na kadalasang makikitang suot ng mga tidnero ng yosi sa Quiapo. Ito’y may makipot na suotan sa paa, at manipis na swelas. Mistulang sandalyas ito ng babae pero kadalasang suot ng mga lalaki. Available in blue, red, green, etc.

    -higanteng peklat. Ito’y madalas na dulot ng mga sugat na malaki. Imbes na normal na balat ang nakatakip sa bakokang, ito’y mayroong makintab na takip.

    7. AGIHAP
    -libag na dumikit sa panty o brief dahil sa labis na pagmamahal sa suot panloob. Nabubuo ang agihap kung ang panty o brief ay nasuot nang hindi bababa sa tatlong araw.

    8. DUKIT
    -ito’y ang amoy na nakukuha kung isinabit mo ang daliri mo sa iyong pwet… try to prove it, that’s dukit.

    -ito’y isang bagong wika na nangangahulugan sa isang istupidong tao.

    10. LAPONGGA
    -ito’y kahintulad sa laplapan o kay ay lamas an.

    11. BAKTUNG
    -pinaikling salita ng BAKAT-UTONG.

    -ito ang buhok sa utong na kadalasang nakikita sa mga tambay sa kanto na laging nakahubad.

    13. BAKTI
    -bakat panty

    14. ASOGUE
    -buhok sa kili-kili

    -maitim na libag sa batok na naipon sa matagal na panahon.

    -tubig na tumatalsik sa pwet kapag nalaglag ang isang malaking ebak.

    17. BUTUYTUY
    -etits ng bata

    18. JABARR
    -pawis ng katawan

    -mabahong pangalan

    20. MCARTHUR
    -taeng bumabalik after mong i-flush.

    21. TURNOT
    -Buhok sa pwet.

    22. TUT-CHANG
    - buhok sa ilong


    Para kay Chris Anthony Mendez

    Cris Anthony Mendez

    May namatay nnanaman daw sa UP isang 20 year old na gustong mag law... Namatay daw sa hazing...

    Ok first and foremost masakit ba ang ma-hazing?

    Based from experience hindi biro ang ma-hazing other than ilang oras kayong hahambalusin, tatagain, sisipain at sasapakin (insert any other term basta masakit) well you get the idea ganun talaga bago makapasok sa isang fraternity. (uhmm fortunately di ako nakapasok sa ganun kasi isa ako sa mga binalian ng balikat bago ko natapos yung ordeal)

    Dalawa kasing klase ng fraternity sa pagkakaalam ko... yung isa gi-ne-gauge yung dedication ng isang neophyte according sa kung saan tatagal yung pagsisilbi niya sa master nya o sa head o sa grupo minsan public humiliation or talagang utusan lang talaga.

    Tumatagal ito ng ilang buwan linggo or taon sa iba. Meron pa ngang kahit nakapasok ka na sa isang frat maski na-hazing ka na di ka pa full-pledge or fledge ba yun? na member.

    Kaya ngayon gusto kong isulat bakit ba sumasali ang mga tao sa frat? at anong meron dito?

    walang difference ang pagsali sa frat at pagsali sa isang kulto o couples for christ. Isa lang ang gustong patunayan ng taong gustong sumali dito and ito ang human nature nating lahat, na gusto nating ma-belong, we want to feel accepted and special, yung idea ng exclusivity eh napakasarap pakinggan.

    Ako mismo masasabi kong asteeg ako pag naakyat ko ang Mt. Everest pero bago ka makaakyat dun kelangan sumali ka muna sa isang grupo.

    Malamang ito ang nasa isip nung namatay na estudyante gusto nyang ma-belong or dahil din sa palakasan at anong ma-oofer ng fraternities.

    Totoo naman talaga malaki ang bearing ng pagkakaron ng isang grupo just look at the masons for example tingin mo bakit di pa nahuhuli yung nagsalita na dating NBI director? eh kasi mason siya, mga brod nya lahat from generals at doctors kaya may proteksyon, at kahit sa loob at labas ng bansa may impluwensiya sila.

    Ito yung palagay kong nakuha natin sa animal kingdom hehehe sige try mo, manood ka ng national geographic tingnan mo behavior ng animals there is strength in numbers, sa tagalog dapat magaling ka sa math (syet ang corny) heniweys balik tayo dun sa isang klase naman ng frat.

    Yung pangalawang frat naman ehyung automatic pasok ka na basta nabugbog ka. wala pang isang araw, walang sabi-sabi papainumin ka ng beer, papanguyain ka ng sili o pa-pagapangin ka sa putek name anything na masakit you got it (ay ganun din pala sa PMA)

    Usually yung mga sumasali dito eh yung takaw away o talagang gusto lang humanap ng gulo or may atraso o kaya napagtitripan ng ibang grupo. Other than that isa rin itong uri ng proteksyon from other elements na alam mong pwedeng makasakit sayo kaya either way wala kang choice.

    Ganito din sa kulungan at sa kahit saang lugar at ang usual na pinagsisimulan ng gulo eh mga petty things lang, mga maliliit na bagay pero op kors madami kayo kaya ayus lang sama-sama sa sakit at sama-sama sa ginhawa.

    may good points din naman sumali sa isang fraternity. Meron kang proteksyon, meron kang mauutangan, meron kang kausap, meron kang kasama, tapos meron kang mababalikan kunwari wala ka na sa University mo uhmm sikat ka pa.

    Wala naman akong problema sa pagsali nung bata sa UP, desisyon nya yun pero galing din sa isang dating Master Initiator (ehem hindi po kami nananakit pwamis kasi di kami naniniwala sa ganun) palagay ko responsibilidad parin nung grupo yung neophyte kahit anong mangyari at ang isang hazing or kung ano mang tawag nila dun sa palagay ko eh hindi isang venue para pumatay kundi upang ma-determine kung gaano katigas ang lob at ang will ng magiging future member ng frat.

    kaya mali lang talaga na namatay yung bata...

    Dati nagtanong ako sa isang frat sa UP about dun sa namatay na neophyte nila way back 1990's, sabi sakin nagkaron ata ng inggit yung isang head sa isang neophyte at dun nilabas ang bad trip nung nagpapaluan na...

    Malas lang talaga... haay... well.. para sayo Chris Mendez hindi ka bagay sa fraternity na yun... sana samin ka na lang sumali... wala kaming pinapatay at lahat inaalagaan namin... sayang ka pare... pero sige lang palagay ko naman ayus ka na kung san ka man naroroon...

    sana makamit mo rin ang hustisyang karapat-dapat para sayo kasama ng mga iba pang namamatay dahil sa mga pinag-gagawa ng mga taong tulad ng ginawa nila sayo...