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  • SEO and the Filipino Youth

    Ever since the time of Rizal our race has been in a constant battle to prove to other nations our propensity to excel.

    That even a third world country has the capacity to match the skills of first world nations.

    First world countries realize that not only are we able to excel in the english language with the proliferation of hundreds of call centers servicing foreign clients from medical transcriptions to more complex operating system troubleshooting.

    That we are not only as good as sending out domestic helpers, nurses and doctors. That we can also excel even in our homeland.

    And I am more proud to announce that we were able to prove it by the existence of our own world class SEO practitioners.

    First world countries have come to realize that inspite of our shortcomings as a nation and despite our lack of opportunities the filipino can be a world class market for talented individuals and skilled internet marketing practitioners.

    Therefore it comes to no avail that there will exist a terrible need for this fount of knowledge that the internet was able to offer our country, by being able to open our windows to the world of opportunities.

    Sharing the knowledge

    With the advent of the computer and the coming of age of communications technology in our country, internet marketing has become another avenue for career development amongst the younger generation.

    Younger and younger people are starting to understand the power of the internet in changing the world.

    They have their blogs, news, hobbies, all to be found in the internet. Even Universities have placed a special premium on computers and computer related subjects on this age of internet technology.

    Ergo there is a need to share this knowledge to the younger generation as such so they will be able to nurture it and put it to good use.

    I firmly believe that we have a responsibility to the younger generation.

    That with our help and learning from our mistakes we shall be able to move them forward and beyond and in the process move our country from the recessess of poverty.

    Moving forward

    I have been told by my professors in college that there have been three waves of Overseas Filipino Workers.

    The first being doctors in the 60's, the second being domestic helpers in the 80's and the third being nurses in 2000.

    I want to propose another wave, Its a wave of Internet Marketers never having to leave their homeland and enjoying their lives with their families and loved ones.

    It is a wave of SEO practitioners handling thousands and millions of websites opening our country for more investors.

    A wave of more skilled world class competitors in the Search Engine Battlefield.

    But we have to start now if we have to realize this wave.

    And SEMCON has something to offer that we can use to our advantage.

    In the final analysis SEMCON is never a choice it is our destiny.

    My goal is to share this knowledge, and to develop it and make it our own.

    My hope is to help our younger generation realize their dream with the help of the internet and the knowledge from it.

    And my dream is to create a world of talented individuals able to say to the world that the Filipino can.


    On a more serious note I wrote this one for the chance to avail of the 2-day SEMCON pass
    Consider this my entry for the organizers to look twice. Anyway hope you enjoy reading it ^_^