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lunar phases
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  • letter for the new members of U.P. TAO batch 2007

    Dear Bros and Sis,

    A warm nationalist greeting!

    I am very happy to welcome eleven of you in our family. The family of U.P. TAO.

    Again I would like to emphasize that we are not Tau Gxxzx Pxx though I know you've heard about that phrase time and again amongst other people whom you introduce yourself with.

    But yes we are U.P. TAO in other terms a U.P. Individual or human being.

    Again I want to welcome you in our family and I know you guys have been through a lot and I'm very proud that you survived all the obstacles in entering the family.

    AS you see we never believed in hurting people as a measure of success. We hold on to the ideal that you are your own enemies.

    I am more than proud that the legacy that our family left in U.P. Cebu continues to grow and to nourish countless individuals.

    I am proud to belong once in your place, relishing my student days in our beloved Alma Mater and learning about life and love.

    Yes U.P. TAO taught me to live and to love. I guess that is the main reason why all organizations and families prosper.

    How fraternities get to survive the rummages of time.

    When you Live and love at the same time I believe there is no greater ideology than that.

    So I admonish you to love and live with each other carefully and critically.

    That is what I learn from Sir Mike and all the other batches that came after me.

    Oh, I have lots of stories to tell you about our family.

    We have a long history since 1989 and most of them even I don't know but I can tell you of our history and from my time.

    But another thing is that we are not a perfect organization. We have our ups and downs but thank God we always get up and try again.

    Strive again to perfection...

    We may go separate ways but this thread of U.P. TAO stretches far and wide.

    So again I admonish you to love each other and help each other.

    To point out each others' mistakes and forgetfulness.

    To go to meetings and attend special celebrations.

    TALK... TALK to each other but most of all LISTEN...

    Our hearts have more to say than look at each other.

    If you can and most of all if you must, please sacrifice your time for each other.

    Once in awhile enjoy life together like going to the mall, or going hiking, or perhaps go to church together.

    Place God in the center of you life whatever or whoever your sense of divinity is.

    There is still something and someone above you and who you can ask for help.

    There is always an entity that is moral and encompassing to everybody and everyones chiding.

    But most of all respect each other.

    Help in any way you can but always save something for yourself and the family.

    Over and above everything you are now a part of U.P. TAO and you are a representative to the universe and to the world of our greatness.

    In addition to this you will see we have no "tambayan" we make ourselves known by our actions instead.

    We have proven ourselves time and again, but I'm not saying that you stop yourself from having one. (haha)

    Remember there is always a time and place for everything.

    And now is your time.

    Hold it and make it right.

    So in the future you may hold the memories in your heart and say to yourself.

    I am a U.P. TAO and once a TAO, always TAO.

    Good luck and take care.

    I love you guys and I miss you.

    -floyd, "TOL" batch 98-