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lunar phases
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  • shereherhweer ---> wala akong maisip na title

    Wasn't able to go to the gym last night and opted to ride my bike with Julien at the U.P.
    I figured I'd rather keep my stamina on the rise for the upcoming sportsfest this saturday and dang I feel bloated.

    The ride was smooth except for the "occasional" stops that we did for fixing my helluva V-break...

    Went to ride at U.P. balara and muntik nang mabangga (aba rhyming parang rap)
    thats because we don't friggin know how to fix my darn breaks...

    We went home around 10:30 and washed up... was exhausted but was planning to read a book.

    Sleep took the best of me and I was eventually in dreamland.

    I don't remember what I dreamt about but I believe I did dream about something.

    Fleeting memories sucks it's like you're drunk minus the hangover.

    I've been planning on writing my dreams... oh yah I remember yes I dreamt that I have a website and a good one I was tinkering on it before I heard the alarm of my cell phone.

    When I woke up Juliens' on the CR and I was fixing my things for a basketball game later this afternoon.

    Hope I get to even shoot at least 20 points nyahaha =p

    I want to eat nachos... *sigh*

    I don't get it with band breakups... Last I heard Orange and Lemons is breaking up only to find out that they are actually kicking out one of their bandmate (Clem the one wearing red glasses in the pic) the reason being that he's always late and so and so...

    I think he became too mayabang for his own good... I had a friend once in GMA who was their bands close friend. She supported them even before they got really famous.

    Well she said Clem was really mayabang... superstar feel daw talaga and even a womanizer... she told me those things back in 2006 and now I'm not really surprised nyahahaha

    What's the problem of Luli Arroyo?

    She got personal yes calling the person accusing her father an "addict" after the guy just pointed out how his father did the (pardon the term) fingering at him.

    She even mentioned his thinning hair.

    I don't know if its a natural reaction specially for a daughter of a president to react as such not until I heard and saw her face when she said: "The rule of my mother will continue, no matter what the stakes are" (or so in that line)

    Thats when I said to myself "Ahh kaya pala..."

    I guess even if her father is guilty she'd still do the same, ngayon lang ngang guilty ang nanay nya eh ok pa rin sa kanya... siguro kung magulang ko yan itatakwil ko yun jusme!


    hula girl said...

    wah gusto ko din magbike! (ala akong bike dukha ako)

    - rain - said...

    aba kuya. parang ang dami mong oras lately a. :p

    fetus said...

    andami niyang oras??? wehehehe...

    upoytao said...

    hula girl: hehehe bili ka na sobrang enjoy siya pwamis.

    rain: ngee di nga eh i write kasi pantanggal ng stress...

    fetus: hahaha musta bro?