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lunar phases
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  • Ano gawa mo?

    Was supposed to clean my room, instead I write...
    My muses are killing me as if in a dream they taunt me to write things I dare not write of.
    Why do these things happen when I have something to do?


    my muses tells me to write about what happened to me today, as if it does matter.
    Why would it matter I asked them, they answered "It is from what you write that determines your future. It is from what you lay down on paper that is forever etched in eternity. There is never coming back when you write your thoughts, perhaps your soul needs every piece of words to be written as if for cleansing."

    cleansing for what? ano daw? 0_0 ok di ko gets sa totoo lang hehehe pero heniweys siguro nga I have to write to give order to my seemingly chaotic existence.

    So sige let me oblige my muses what did I do today?

    I am proud to say that Ipent 80 percent of my day sleeping. Thats right sleep... jusme wala na kasi akong time sa sarili ko and for a week di ako makatulog ng maayos... either di ako makatulog or andami kong iniisip...

    sabi sakin dati ng nanay ko sakit talaga ng pamilya namin to meron daw akong lolo noon na sobrang konti lang matulog until di na daw siya natutulog uhmm di ko alam kung maniniwalaako o hindi until that time na na-experience ko siya nuong college pero di naman gaano sobra medyo slight lang siguro pag tanda ko mararanasan ko rin yun hmm...

    heniweys aside from just reading a lot of stuff from the internet and dozing to dreamland nonetheless my day was just full of thinking and trying to choose between wanting to go to the gym or not...

    Been craving for some sweets the whole day til I was able to fulfill it when I bought a small box of pretzels earlier. Ate it on the way home and went upstairs to try and fix things... well thats the word... TRY hahaha but I think I wasn't even trying the least I just feel so lethargic today...

    Stared for at least 15 seconds on a bottle of beer and debated with myself if I'm gonna down it or not but thought otherwise... hmm.. beer... hehehe maybe later but its only one anyway and I'm going to drink it alone...

    heniweys thats just it I really have lots of things to do and I've satisfied my muses as well as my curiosity on the supposed myth about eggs and cholesterol and I found out that its just as good if not better for everybody. Meaning Eggs are good for you and not bad as some bad raps being spread around about eggs.

    But anyway I'll tell you more about it later ^_^ ciao for now!


    - rain - said...

    sabi nga nila, boys and room-cleaning are two words that don't go together. :)

    upoytao said...

    hahahaha ganun pala yun?? naayos ko na kwarto ko last night the best hehehe