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lunar phases
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  • I'm afraid

    I'm afraid,
    I'm afraid that I wouldn't make a difference,
    That the life I lived is as a passing wind,
    And a fading note.

    I'm afraid that I won't be able to help others,
    That I wasn't able to help even myself.
    I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to eat great meals,
    Banquets, Picnics, Eat-outs.

    That I wouldn't be able to share my blessings to others,
    that I'd be too selfish to spend even for myself.

    I'm afraid to loose,
    Loose everything I worked for,
    Loose everything I care and loved.

    I"m afraid I won't be able to go to other places,
    Learn languages as old as time,
    walk on trodden paths where heroes and villains ceated the best stories I may not be able to read.

    I'm afraid of age,
    I'm afraid of wrinkles and blurry eyes,
    til I have to even beg for mercy that somebody look for my spectacles.

    I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to see childrens faces,
    Women crying for lost loves,
    Men mourning over their maleness.

    I'm afraid, and so much afraid that I may not regret feeling courageous with fear.

    I'm afraid that I may not be able to swim in the sea,
    That basin of the earth where all life is forever a mystery.

    I'm afraid I may not be able to see another caterpillar become a butterfly,
    Or to be able to taste my favorite honey with bread.

    I'm afraid I may not be able to write a poem,
    Or read a good book with sketches that makes this universe more bearable.

    I'm afraid and so so afraid.

    Eraps pardon

    Look I never like Erap not even at the time that he was democratically elected into office.

    Deep in me I already had the feeling that he will win and we're all in deep waters, that is how cynical the time was and my outlook on Philippine politics that time.

    Then came the scandals and Edsa 2, I can only look at the television as I was In cebu that time and believe me I was convinced that it was really wrong for the senate to not have allowed the opening of the 2nd envelop until I realized some days after that upon introspection and studying of the law the prosecution has the chance to request for another opening of the envelop. But of course Joker Arroyo was already maraching in the streets.

    I also realized that being senators voted in office they are carrying out their duties. So I thought who would benefit from EDSA 2 more? And then GMA got into mind. Honestly it sent shivers down my spine.

    Look, If a person who Isn't even president yet goes marching down the streets carrying the banner against her own administration and accepting praises as if she's the person to be thanked for the uprising, just can never be accepted by my system.

    When Erap went out of Malakanyang I was able to talk with a campaign manager of his, and he warned me right away that GMA is worse than Erap. I asked how and why and he told me to just sit back and see what she does. I don't believe him at first and then the barrage of anomalies started one by one.

    I can swallow the fact that GMA became president if only to fill in the power vaccum that exists at that time but I was still against the idea that "just because somebody is removed from office by virtue of a parliamentary struggle" the person who would replace the removed leader is already "qualified by virtue of being next in line" I just thought that the people who partake of EDSA 2 was robbed the chance to select their own leader because of an illusionary justice served by then Chief Justice Hilario Davide.

    Just when I saw GMA being sworn into office by Davide I have this very bad feeling that perhaps we all went down the wrong path. But I wasn't able to ponder more on it because of work... (poverty is the main source of indifference you see in some cases).

    So what is my take on Eraps' pardon given by Malakanyang?

    First Erap had been wasting his time in prison for a long time without ever being proven guilty at that. To date he's only been proven guilty this year and yet he had to suffer the humiliation of being an ousted President charged with sorruption Etc... while Imelda Marcos, GMA, Joc-joc Bolante, The comelec amongst others gets away with their crimes...

    You see life just isn't fair, but that doesn't mean that only the ones in power should have the benefit of the doubt.

    What Erap did to date is to face his accusers head on and place his faith in the justice system that actually played him bad. And that was perhaps his downfall... he trusted too much.

    So when I'm asked if I agree with the pardon of Erap I think the question should be placed in the context of all the criminals outside of prison and who's forever eluded justice due to influence and power.

    Honestly speaking I admire Erap for standing out and facing the truth for all its worth he's one helluva brave person. You must give him credit for that.


    I do not agree with Eraps' pardon If justice is to be served righteously and equally to each and everyone and that also applies to the President who's forever eluded justice.

    I do not agree with Eraps' pardon because it bodes darkly for the plight of GMA and other criminals that by virtue of influence gets away with crimes against humanity.

    I do not agree with Eraps' pardon because it is given out by a President who cheated her way to office.

    But let justice be afforded to the ones' who had been asking for it for a long time and who deserves it.

    But personally... justice in the Philippines? Are you crazy?


    I made a comment on Manolo's blog and I was asked a copuple of questions so I thought I'd also paste my answers here.

    On the question of "Are we really ready for democracy? at least in the present form that we have?"

    I believe we are ready for it if not more than being a society who is moral enough to accept any form of religion and belief. If not more than willing to accomodate dissent and freedom of speech. I think we are more than ready for it and we are doing it succesfully as compared to other civilizations who are older than us.

    On the adage that "Democracy comes from the people as well as its reflection" we should place into context the whole country if only to make it fair to others concerned. As you see in Cebu they really don't cross the street when the light is green. They don't play loud music in their jeepneys if others don't like it. In other parts of the cordilleras life is more peaceful than in Tondo. The comparison is huge in magnitude and in context as perception clearly distorts the whole reality of the situation of the country so I believe it is just a matter of narrowing down comparisons and examples that the question posited by {Proud to be Tsinoy} should be considered such as What is democracy? Has it changed through the years? Has it gotten stronger? what is Filipino Democracy? Is democracy working for us? Do we work as a nation towards genuine democracy?

    I firmly believe that the issue of replacing our leaders is an issue of morality and not divisiveness. When Marcos massacred thousands of filipinos in Martial Law we were moral enough to take him down. When we spurn cheating in the streets it is an issue of morality. When we became vocal about the wrongdoings of the government it is about morality.

    So we go back to the main question. "Are we really ready for democracy? at least in the present form that we have?" I always believe without prejudice that the filipino is intelligent enough to review his/her morals. And if being ready for democracy means being able to present our morality in toppling down an immoral regime then we are more than ready {Proud to be Tsinoy}. ^_^

    On the question of "floyd, do you know what should be done?" {DinaPinoy}
    I don't want to sound being a lone authority on this one but I believe that It's in our culture and heritage to help. People are silent because we are hoping that somebody out there would help us while in fact it has always been in us to help others and help ourselves. Right now we need to help ourselves and our country, how we are going to go about it is relative to each and everyone but I always believe in the strength of the filipino and their judgment.

    {Manindigan!} Thanks to you too for always coming here and sharing your piece of mind ^_^

    A change of heart

    GMA the true terrorist

    Question: Why is the bomb that blasted Glorietta 2 came from the government?

    A. Because the government needs a diversion from its current dilemma of massive bribery.

    B. Because a terrorist would never attack a high class mall at 1:30 on a friday afternoon while there exist on that same day a 50-70% midnight sale on SM & Robinsons who both belong to the middle and lower classes ergo more people = more victims.

    c. Because the government angrily warned the opposition as the ones who would take advantage of the tragedy & use it against the government, even when the investigation hasn't finished yet.



    Look If I were a terrorist I'd bomb SM North Edsa first or better yet wait for the feast of the Nazarene in Quiapo where there really are lots of people.

    It took more than 48 hours for the investigation by the police and the military and yet there is no official report from them.

    After admitting that the bomb used was a c4 explosive supplied for the military the investigators eventually took it back and said that perhaps it was an accident.

    The next day after the bombing a group named rajah solaiman group trying to look like a muslim extremist terrorist admitted the bombing and asked for the release of their comrades. Take note this came after the bombing, I've seen enough national geographic where the terrorist demands first before bombing something if not bombing establishments associated or is a symbol of the ones they are against.


    The Government of Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has to end and she has to step down. No amount of bombing could stop the massive bribery or corruption or ZTE deals shall silence the already grief stricken nation even before hundreds are to be injured by the bombing, and a few being killed.

    And for those who support this government and would want to stomach its atrocities please wake up. You see its not just us who are against the government who are going to suffer GMA's stay in power in the end your sons and daughters will suffer them too.

    Its about time you take away that doubt which clouds your minds such questions as "Who would replace her? Will the government stay the same after her resignation or ousting?"

    You see people power didn't end in the 80's nor the ousting of Erap. It ends when people don't discriminate between whats' right and whats wrong and play the fool by dragging the argument longer with questions like the ones mentioned above.

    I agree, your questions hold water and the concept of "Stability" is a very powerful ideology for complacence. But look at how many innocent people have been killed? right now they are not activists or radicals. They are not whistle-blowers or people belonging to another party. They are the same people as you and me. They might be asking the same questions...

    If this drags on longer I can't imagine the country even moving on to 2030...

    Look you have stability but as to whose expense? At the expense of those who would want to have a better life? A better country? A better education? A better life?

    Again GMA must go down... Or help us God!

    Glorietta 2 bombing pictures... (prelude to martial law?)

    pics from disneycuteland


    by Mark Sinnett (Some Late Adventure of the Feelings)

    Perhaps you knew already,
    and will realize reading this
    that there must be so many things
    we didn't tell each other.
    Things I don't know.

    But I have found mangoes frozen hard
    and then eaten late, end of the day
    (perhaps with a nearby tumbler
    of Talisker or Oban),
    the meat scooped away with a spoon
    from the skin,

    have the feeling in the mouth
    of luxurious sherbet, dessert
    unheard of.

    Which is wonderful news, renders life
    slightly more, adds another pleasure
    to the roster already so laden this year.

    Still, this is a discovery
    we should have made together,
    which is sort of sad, and balances things.


    Got this heartfelt poem from frances (thanks a bunch!)

    For everything there is Bob Marley

    I didn't like reggae music at first then I went to Cebu and thats where all the magic started.

    You see young as I was I was looking for a reason. This reason is adamant in every youth there is in a third world country whose hapless youth lost hope.

    I always associated reggae with ganja and the dreadlocks plus the game of soccer. Clearly the rastafarians of Cebu lived up to the name of a Jah believer.

    The reggae I hear in Manila is not that convincing to say the most except for a few which earned my respect. But mostly as the youth of my generation the sound of the raging 90's rock scene proved to be more idealistic until it simmered down to the millenium and eventually band members of rock bands started working on call centers or look for other means of income as rock became the bastion of foreign artists as a means of milking the floundering Philippine Music scene.

    So the question remained in my mind the search for that music that would inspire my generation, that music fraught with inconsistencies and which all cultures could sing and dance to the beat.

    Then I found Bob Marley.

    The experience was radical to say the least enlightening I didn't really like it at first but when you're drowned in alcohol add to that the rage of youth the beat becomes a transgression and retains its sonorous cadence in the ears as each words that sprung timeless from the mouth of that Jamaican legend who sang according to his peop[le and his ideals became tangible little by little uintil I just can't stop myself singin and bouncing my head as if in prayer or trance.

    the first lines chanted down my temple "No woman, No cry" became a war cry as if hungered for more I never could distinguish the happiness and the blessing the song gave me.

    as to this day I never learned the chords for the song in respect to the music and to the person in my heart I thought I'd never want his music to be mine I only want it to be his that everytime I listen to it, It will look like I'm listening to it for the first time.

    But I am no dreadlock-hippie looking person I prefer to be the clean cut guy but I dance like a freak when I listen to reggae.

    Other than the sound and the music I believe the biggest role of Bob Marleys music is to be able to inspire people and offer them hope.

    Hope is something bigger and stronger in the human spirit and when placed in music it becomes stronger than love or peace. It becomes the mountain everybody dares to climb, it becomes the plateau where sunlight treads cheerfully.

    Hope is the music of Bob Marley.

    Hope is everyday the prayer of the dying and the aggrieved.

    As I'm writing this I'm listening to his song "Exodus" the lyrics "Open your eyes and look within:
    Are you satisfied (with the life you're living)?"

    Ask yourself this and listen to his music perhaps theres a better chance we'd meet each other someday "Jammin"

    The Old and the Dead

    The grandmother of my best friend just died.

    She had been suffering from cancer for a long time.

    May you rest in peace Lola Rosalia.


    We came in and you ask "Have you kids eaten?"
    We answered "Yes Lola we're full, we'll just proceed upstairs and play the guitar"
    "You sure you're not hungry?"
    "Yes Lola thank you for asking"
    and she flashed that sweet smile typical of old fellows and sat quietly on the dining table as we ran upstairs.

    That is how we remember Lola Rosalia always the sweet woman with the high pitched rose colored dress.

    We'll miss you.


    I went mountainbiking with my best friend last tuesday and went up what mountainbikers calls "the wall" it is called as such because you are literally climbing a wall that my front front wheel goes up whenever i pedal. I forgot if it's 45 degrees or 60 at that the slope that the wall offers.

    anyway it's four kilometers up minus the trip to the place and the ride to my best-friends cousins place.

    Up and up we went and all I can hear is my heartbeat and the wind on my back.

    We had to stop three times before I got to be able to get on top. But wait there's more! (ala TV home shopping) when we got on top which is timberland (a mountain village being developed by the lopezes) we stil climbed up to its highest peak which would eventually lead us to the trail! (Sounds of lightning) yes that's where the trail would really start. But we weren't able to ride it because its getting dark.

    The upward climb went around an hour while the ride down only took about 15 mins! and by the way lots of bikers died on the way down because of the steepness and eventual winding of the road.

    I'm more than willing to go back there.


    kagabi nanaginip ako! hinahabol daw kami ng mga zombies ala 28 days later!potek lahat na ata tinaguan ko sa panaginip na yun until lahat ng kasama ko napatay na at nakagat at naging zombie!

    Sobrang labo ng panaginip na yun na kahit sa pag gising ko iniisip ko pa rin kung san ako pwede magtago at sino ang pwedeng mag survive dun.

    yung naalala ko nagtago na lang ako sa ilalim ng kumot na nakatambay sa isang sulok at nagpaka "bahala na kung kakainin ako ewan" mode!

    hehehe creepy pero nakakatawa yung panaginip para kasing totoo hmm gusto ko ngang mapanaginipan ulit eh ala part two para malaman ko talaga kung buhay ako o hindi kasi nung nagtago nako sa kumot eh nagising nako. syet!


    on pulitika naman...

    Di ko maintindihan bakit ngayon lang na nag abutan ng pera sa Malakanyang tsaka umaangal ang mga congressman at sinasabing may bribery na naganap.

    Have to admit naging isa nako sa mga nagiging unti unting desensitized at indifferent sa mga nangyayari sa paligid.

    Parang resigned na ko sa idea na walang mangyayari sa bansang ito hanggat walang namamatay na kurakot at gago.

    If kailangan dumanak ang dugo then go! Ilang taon na bang andami dami nilang ginugutom at pinapaalis ng bansa... nakakasawa na nakakapagod... manonood na lang ako ng pinoy big brother nang makita ang hiyas ni riza santos at gabby de la merced raawwwrrr nyahahaha!!!!


    I just learned na di pala totoo yung kwento about the ten datus from borneo na umalis ng bansa nila at napadpad sa pinas. napasnood ko sa Qtv yung mga listahan ng mga hoax's sa philippine history.

    Potek 27 nako ngayon ko lang nalaman to eh tuwang tuwa pa kaya ako sa ideya na galing tayo sa mga dugong bughaw (ehem excuse me hindi ateneo ha!) but heniweys sabi nung TV show inimbento lang daw yun ng isang historian at the behest of then pinaka-inutil na presidente sa pilipinas kung san pinaglihi si Gloria Macapagal Arroyo si Marcos (uhmm sino pa ba?)

    Para daw magkaron tayo ng sense of history... Jusme mas matutuwa pako sa history ng mga negrito na totoong nauna sa ating lahat bago pa dumating yung mga rapist na kastila na nilapastangan ang maliliit na butas ng mga natives (uhmm medyo green siya sowee)

    so yun na yun 20 years din akong na denggoy ng history teacher ko haay pakshet!



    Dream on!

    On my ride back home I overheard thre students talking in Bisaya. It was like heaven in my ears... To hear the familiar Bisaya twang that I so dearly love.

    I just missed Cebu and the laid back life back there...

    Anyway they were talking about their grades in school one guy talking about having been exempted in his chemistry class.

    "I've just been exempted from my chemistry exam... (laughs) after this I'm going to study outside of the country and work a job in a big company and be a CEO someday."

    Upon hearing that I heaved out a sigh and remember the letter my best friend wrote me a few months back.

    The letter goes...

    "The age of 25 used to be such a benchmark. Back in college, goals were set along the lines of "by the time I'm 25". It used to feel like a lifetime away, and it sounded like such a grown-up age to be when we listened to our parents. When we finally reached 25 it felt like a tiny spark of accomplishment, although for no clear reason why. It just felt good, to be at that age where quarter-life crises supposedly struck.

    But then 26 comes along, and you wonder where in the world 25 went. You remember the mathematical rule: That you're supposed to round up and not down, which means you are nearer to 30 than you are to 20. You ask why things don't look the way you planned them years ago, when you had a list of accomplishments filled out and you were just going to check them according to plan by the time you reached 25. But you already passed that age.

    Then the daunting really hits you, that if you're not where you planned to be by the time you were 25, does that mean everything else is not going to follow? Does that mean all the other "by the time I'm of this age" plans you made are going to end up the same way? Like a commuter train that arrived late in one station, does that mean all other stations are going to have to suffer the accumulated tardiness of the initial stop?

    It sounds like a crisis, indeed. One that spurns ulcers you thought you could already control. Disappointment brings about a quiet desperation of having it occur repeatedly, and nothing brings more disappointment than thinking that where you are now could be as good as it gets.

    You want to reach out to others and ask them "are you feeling it too?" The slow burn of a worry that your plans are not materializing the way you had initially hoped they would. You want the reassurance that you are not alone in your uncertainty, but at the same time, you are troubled by the possibility that maybe we are all facing the same downhill slope.

    Could this mean we are all setting ourselves up for a lifetime of disappointment? Probably not, except maybe for those who got so scared when they saw the slope heading down that they opted for a free fall with open arms. There is always the inertia from going down to bring us to higher ground, and the opportunity to learn how to repeat the process when we go downhill again. The trick is to realize, before gravity takes too strong a hold, that there is a momentum we can use to our advantage.

    Maybe we are uncertain now, even a little confused as to why things look so different from our initial plan. But time has a funny way to straightening us out, and it helps to realize that hardly anyone gets to this point without experiencing any doubts. Let's face it: life is a little more fun when there's a benchmark to look forward to, even if our plans are tinged with unexplainable optimism, unjustifiable possibilities, and unheard of ideals. Something that sounds a bit like, say, 30."

    I love the letter and upon first reading it I promised myself that I'm going to place it here.

    Whats' funny is I've forgotten to place any benchmark to myself back in college (don't ask why). The thing with benchmark is it is too subjective to begin with, there are factors such as "people" who may make or break you and may also play a big role in your life. It's not just you against yourself rather its you against other people.

    The truth is you have to please other people and it even begins at home.

    I realized a certain truth back then. "You can't expect too much of yourself, but it doesn't mean you cannot try... You never really know what can happen next."

    Perhaps that is where HOPE comes in.

    That after all the sadness, disappointment, frustration, depression there is still HOPE.

    And no time nor age could stop that.

    Mga malulupit na linya sa Pinoy Cinema!!!

    Pido Dida (hehehe)

    1. "You're nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!"
    - Cherie Gil, Bituing Walang Ningning (1985)

    2. ""Para kang karinderyang bukas sa lahat ng gustong kumain."
    - Vilma Santos, Palimos ng Pag-ibig (1985)

    3. "Walang himala! Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao! Nasa puso nating lahat!"
    - Nora Aunor, Himala (1982)

    4. "My brother is not a pig! My brother is not a pig! Ang kapatid ko ay tao, hindi baboy damo!"
    - Nora Aunor, Minsa'y Isang Gamugamo (1976)

    5. "Once, twice, thrice, gaano ba kadalas ang minsan?"
    - Hilda Koronel, Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan (1982)

    6. "Ayoko ng tinatapakan ako, ayoko ng masikip, ayoko ng mabaho, ayoko ng walang tubig, ayoko ng walang pagkain, ayoko ng putik""
    - Maricel Soriano, Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit (1984)

    7. "Hayop... Hayuuup... Hayuuupppp!"
    - Nora Aunor, Ina Ka Ng Anak Mo (1979)

    8. "Trabaho lang ito, walang personalan."
    - Rudy Fernandez, Markang Bungo (1991)

    9. "Si Val! Si Val! Puro na lang si Val! Si Val na walang malay!"
    - Vilma Santos, Saan Nagtatago ang Pag-ibig (1987)

    10. "Ikaw pala. Ikaw pala ang sinasabi ng asawa ko na asawa mo na asawa ng bayan!"
    - Laurice Guillen, Nagalit ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi (1983)

    11. "Akala mo lang wala.. pero meron!! meron!! meron!!"
    - Carlo Aquino, Bata, Bata...Paano Ka Ginawa (1998)

    12. "Gutay-gutay na ang katawan nyo... pati na ang kaluluwa nyo!"
    - Sharon Cuneta- Pasan Ko ang Daigdig (1987)

    13. "Sabel! This must be love!"
    - Carmi Martin, Working Girls (1986)

    14. FPJ: "Ang problema sa'yo maaga kang ipinanganak"
    Sharon: "Ang problema naman sa'yo huli kang ipinanganak"
    - Sharon Cuneta and Fernando Poe Jr., Kahit Konting Pagtingin (1990)

    15. "Wala akong pakialam..ibalik mo sa akin si Jun-jun. Ibalik mo sa akin ang anak ko! Ibalik mo sa akin si Jun-jun. Ibalik mo ang...ahhhhh!"
    - Vilma Santos, Paano Ba Ang Mangarap (1983)

    16. "Kung saan, kailan, at paanong labanan, magpasabi ka lang. Hindi kita uurungan!"
    - Sharon Cuneta, Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin (1984)

    17. Alice: "Mamamatay ako, Ate, pag kinuha mo sa akin si Alex!"
    Lorna: "Ipalilibing kita."
    Alice: "Ate, please!"
    Lorna: "Nung inagaw mo sa 'kin si... muntik na rin akong mamatay. Puwes, ikaw naman ngayon ang mamatay"
    - Lorna Tolentino and Alice Dixson, Nagbabagang Luha (1988)

    18. "Simple lang naman ang hinihingi ko. Kung hindi mo ako marespeto bilang asawa, respetuhin mo naman ako bilang kaibigan. Kung hindi naman, respetuhin mo ako bilang tao."
    - Vilma Santos, Relasyon (1982)

    19. Rene: "cheetaehhh....ganda lalake!"
    Echo: "ulol! Sinungaling! Panget! Panget!"
    - Rene Requiestas, Cheetaeh

    20. "Kung hindi tayo kikilos sino ang kikilos? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?"
    - Vilma Santos, Sister Stella L. (1984)

    21. "Mahal mo ba ako dahil kailangan mo ako, o kailangan mo ako dahil mahal mo ako?"
    - Claudine Barreto, "Milan"

    On Work

    I was eating at our neighborhood barbecue stand when I overheard a bunch of high school boys talking while choosing their choice of meat.

    "Naka one thousand ako kakagawa ng book report..."

    "Ako five hundred lang"


    "Ang sarap kumita ng pera noh?"

    I smiled when I heard that line and thought to myself "Just you wait til you get older nyahahaha"

    That chance encounter brought a number of memories in my head notwithstanding the fact that this is going to be my last week in my job.

    Other than memories it made me think about a number of things about myself and around me.

    First is I do agree "Masarap talaga kumita ng pera" specially when you get to enjoy it and when you have nothing to save for otherwise the money you're earning right now might as well be placed in the bank and spent rightly in the direction of investments or whatsoever and if you've got kids well you got the idea.

    A friend of mine told me that an officemate of his is going abroad.

    Lets call that officemate "Roy"

    For years Roy had been living under the amount of lets say 30,000 per month when minused the tax it becomes around 22,000 a month for the take home.

    Then one day he decided to work abroad with the same kind of work and the same amount of time spent at work.

    He's 26 and he plans on marrying by the age of 28.

    I asked my friend how much Roy would earn from the job abroad in a contract of two years.

    Without batting an eyelash my friend answered "Uhmm.. around 250,000 per month tax free and he plans on buying his first car after 2 months then a house here after a year then settle back after two years."

    I was speechless...

    So what does this encounter between the high school boys and the talk with my friend taught me?

    Honestly I envy Roy. And I also envy the High School kids.

    But It doesn't end there, it ends with the realization that I can be one of them Roy's walking out of this country and looking for better opportunities outside.

    It comes with a price though everything always do comes with a price.

    I'll leave my loved ones here but I'd rake in more money than I could imagine working 10 years here.

    I'd meet more people outside but loose touch with the ones here.

    My friend asked me If I'm going to work as a bell boy in a hotel of theirs and earn lets say 100,000 pesos per month would I grab it?

    Fact: A friend of mine who's a drop out in college just bought his first car and plans on buying his first house this year after working for 2 years as an assistant art auctioneer in a cruise ship...

    He learned how to clip hairs and asks 5 dollars per sailor.

    Do you get the picture?

    I answered my friend "Hell yes!"

    Thing is I am not offered that kind of job and that kind of pay.

    I can't even afford to get out of the country, hell I can't even go to other places in the country.

    So I'm settling for something else...

    "If I can't be rich in this lifetime materially, then I'd be rich intellectually"

    So comes law school... but first I have to pass the exam... hell if I can find a part time job I'll take it kakahiya naman sa benefactor ko baka bigla pang mamatay yun waahhh!!!

    "Ang sarap kumita ng pera noh?"

    takteng headline yan nakakatawa hehehe

    (click the picture to enlarge and read the hilarious story)

    Imelda Marcos Quotes (feel free to vomit) hehehe

    "I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty."

    ""'Nouveau riche' is better than 'no riche.'

    "I have never been a material girl. My father always told me never to love anything that cannot love you back."

    "People say I'm extravagant because I want to be surrounded by beauty. But tell me, who wants to be surrounded by garbage?"

    "Win or loose, we go shopping after the election."

    "If you know how rich you are, you are not rich. But me, I am not aware of the extent of my wealth. That's how rich we are."

    "Never dress down for the poor. They won't respect you for it. They want their First Lady to look like a million dollars."

    "They call me corrupt, frivolous. I am not at all privileged. Maybe the only privileged thing is my face. And corrupt? God! I would not look like this if I am corrupt. Some ugliness would settle down on my system."

    "Filipinos want beauty. I have to look beautiful so that the poor Filipinos will have a star to look at from their slums."

    "I was born ostentatious. They will list my name in the dictionary someday. They will use 'Imeldific' to mean ostentatious extravagance."

    "I hate ugliness. You know I'm allergic to ugliness."

    "The problems with First Ladies is that you have to set the standard. My role is to be both star and slave."

    "I was no Marie Antoinette. I was not born to nobility, but I had a human right to nobility."

    "I get so tired listening to one million dollars here, one million dollars there, it's so petty."

    "It is terribly important to do certain things, such as wear overembroidered dresses. After all, the mass follows class. Class never follows mass."

    "God is love. I have loved. Therefore, I will go to heaven."

    "We practically own everything in the Philippines."

    "When they see me holding fish, they can see that I am comfortable with kings as well as with paupers."

    "It's the rich you can terrorize. The poor have nothing to loose."

    Desperate Pinoys

    In a scene in which Susan was told by her gynecologist that she might be hitting menopause, she replied, "Can I just check those diplomas because I just want to make sure that they are not from some med school in the Philippines."-episode of Desperate Housewives on 9/30/07.-

    This remark sparked some protests over the net and a number of filipinos are already signing an online petition letter.

    Most of my officemates are either incensed or just plain insulted by the remark. They call it discriminatory and racist-Unfounded and just pure rubbish.

    I couldn't agree more.

    It is true they have a point. The remarks lacks humor or stinks of discreet racism towards Filipinos.

    But before we react violently thrashing about our workstations and changing channels may I remind you of how our country really does fare over our Asian neighbors.

    Let me write down the facts:

    1. We have a President who cheated her way to office and we're okay with that.
    2. We have a bar exam for lawyers and students who took it cheated.
    3. We have a nursing board exam and it also reeks of cheating.
    4. Our practice of a democratic election is a world class model for buying votes and yes cheating.
    5. Our Commission on elections are cheaters.
    6. Our judiciary could be bought.
    7. Imelda Marcos and her cohorts are freer than ever.
    8. Joc-joc Bolante is also free as a bird.
    9. With the JPEPA we are actually selling our economy and our government is cool with that.
    10. The ZTE deal is just lingering and we don't care about it.
    11. The military is killing almost all activists suspected or not and we are ok with it.
    12. E.O. 464 yah we're still ok with that.
    13. Human Security Act... again we're ok with that.
    14. Globalization... yah yah
    15. Rapid downgrading of our educational system... yes again.
    16. Domestic helpers being raped and murdered and we can't do anything about it. haaay

    I could go on and on and still everybody will yack about what Teri Hatcher said.

    It's just as I thought. Nobody will realize our own problems unless we RECOGNIZE them first.

    Thats how alcoholics anonymous handles their clients.

    The first step in changing oneself is to recognize that you have a problem.

    Thing is we can't even fix our problem here then why the hell feel bad about it if other nations call us a country of stupid and cheat?

    You feel bad about what some TV drama actor said and you're not mad about what's happening in front of you? C'mon have a heart.


    and no amount of denial would ever change that.

    If you're really mad at her statement then start off with changing this God-damned country!

    tatawa ka sobra hehehe


    Posted outside a house in Jaro, Iloilo :
    (Boy, it must really be hot in there.)

    On a glass window of a photography shop in Cabanatuan :

    Posted at a construction site in Mandaluyong:

    On the fence of a makeshift parking lot in Pasay :

    Printed on a streamer in front of a gym in Lucena City :
    We Almost Have Complete Set of Gym Equipments
    (Now, how's that for truth in advertising?)

    In a supermarket in Baguio :

    Outside a flower shop along Avenida Rizal:

    In a bowling center in Congressional:

    In a restaurant in Cebu :

    On the glass wall of an eatery in Panay Avenue near National Bookstore (but this was a long time ago):

    In San Andres, Manila :

    In a classified ads section:

    Outside a sari-sari store in front of Green Valley in Baguio :

    In a building in Cubao:

    Outside a videoke bar in Pampanga:

    The name of a laundry shop in Bo. Kapitolyo in Pasig :

    On the gate of a house in Tarlac:

    Posted outside a beauty shop in Laguna:

    In Tiaong, Quezon:

    Outside a shoe store in Pangasinan:

    In a restaurant in Baguio :


    Names of Philippine business establishments
    If you still speak some Filipino, you might enjoy the humor; otherwise, pass it on to your Filipino-speaking friends. The humor gets lost in the translation

    Bread Pitt is a a bakery.

    Maruya Carey is a a fast-food place selling turon and maruya in Greenbelt , Makati

    Caintacky Fried Chicken is a an eatery in Cainta, Rizal.

    Mang Donald's is a a burger joint at the Naga City plaza.

    Candies Be Love? Can anything be sweeter than this?

    Doris Day and Night is a a 24-hour eatery.

    Babalik Karinderia is obvious.

    Holland Hopia is owned by Mr. Ho.
    and next-door neighbor Poland Hopia is owned by Mr. Po. in Chinatown

    Miki Mao is a a noodle house.

    Tapsi Turbi is a a tapa house.

    Cleopata's is a a manukan and bakahan.

    Goto Heaven is obvious.

    The Fried of Marikina is a a fried chicken house.

    Wrap and Roll is a a lumpia outlet at the Quad, Makati .

    Pansit ng taga-Malaboni is a a panciteria on Boni Avenue , Mandaluyong.

    Side-saki is a a side street eatery beside Mandarin Oriental in Makati .

    Let's Goat-Together is a kambingan-cum-beer garden.

    Meating Place is a a meat shop.

    Meatropolis is a another meat shop.

    Isda best,
    Pusit to the limit,
    and Hipon coming back
    are entrees on the menu of a seafood restaurant.

    Cinna Von is a laundromat.

    Pier Carding is a a tailoring shop in Pier, Manila .

    The Way We Wear is a boutique.

    Curl Up and Dye is a a beauty salon.

    Goldilooks is a barber shop.

    Bote Nga Sa 'Yo is a used bottle shop.

    Goldirocks is a gravel and sand shop.

    Fernando Pe's Box Office Hits is a video rental shop in Palawan .

    Leon King is a Video Rental in Las Piñas.

    Memory Drug is a clone of Mercury Drug.

    Petal Attraction is a flower shop near UP Diliman.

    Susan's Roses is a flower shop, but of course!

    Maid to Order is a maid-placement agency.

    Singalong Sing-along is a karaoke bar in Singalong (where else?).
    kuha ko lang salamat sa isang joke site