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lunar phases
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  • I'm afraid

    I'm afraid,
    I'm afraid that I wouldn't make a difference,
    That the life I lived is as a passing wind,
    And a fading note.

    I'm afraid that I won't be able to help others,
    That I wasn't able to help even myself.
    I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to eat great meals,
    Banquets, Picnics, Eat-outs.

    That I wouldn't be able to share my blessings to others,
    that I'd be too selfish to spend even for myself.

    I'm afraid to loose,
    Loose everything I worked for,
    Loose everything I care and loved.

    I"m afraid I won't be able to go to other places,
    Learn languages as old as time,
    walk on trodden paths where heroes and villains ceated the best stories I may not be able to read.

    I'm afraid of age,
    I'm afraid of wrinkles and blurry eyes,
    til I have to even beg for mercy that somebody look for my spectacles.

    I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to see childrens faces,
    Women crying for lost loves,
    Men mourning over their maleness.

    I'm afraid, and so much afraid that I may not regret feeling courageous with fear.

    I'm afraid that I may not be able to swim in the sea,
    That basin of the earth where all life is forever a mystery.

    I'm afraid I may not be able to see another caterpillar become a butterfly,
    Or to be able to taste my favorite honey with bread.

    I'm afraid I may not be able to write a poem,
    Or read a good book with sketches that makes this universe more bearable.

    I'm afraid and so so afraid.