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  • Desperate Pinoys

    In a scene in which Susan was told by her gynecologist that she might be hitting menopause, she replied, "Can I just check those diplomas because I just want to make sure that they are not from some med school in the Philippines."-episode of Desperate Housewives on 9/30/07.-

    This remark sparked some protests over the net and a number of filipinos are already signing an online petition letter.

    Most of my officemates are either incensed or just plain insulted by the remark. They call it discriminatory and racist-Unfounded and just pure rubbish.

    I couldn't agree more.

    It is true they have a point. The remarks lacks humor or stinks of discreet racism towards Filipinos.

    But before we react violently thrashing about our workstations and changing channels may I remind you of how our country really does fare over our Asian neighbors.

    Let me write down the facts:

    1. We have a President who cheated her way to office and we're okay with that.
    2. We have a bar exam for lawyers and students who took it cheated.
    3. We have a nursing board exam and it also reeks of cheating.
    4. Our practice of a democratic election is a world class model for buying votes and yes cheating.
    5. Our Commission on elections are cheaters.
    6. Our judiciary could be bought.
    7. Imelda Marcos and her cohorts are freer than ever.
    8. Joc-joc Bolante is also free as a bird.
    9. With the JPEPA we are actually selling our economy and our government is cool with that.
    10. The ZTE deal is just lingering and we don't care about it.
    11. The military is killing almost all activists suspected or not and we are ok with it.
    12. E.O. 464 yah we're still ok with that.
    13. Human Security Act... again we're ok with that.
    14. Globalization... yah yah
    15. Rapid downgrading of our educational system... yes again.
    16. Domestic helpers being raped and murdered and we can't do anything about it. haaay

    I could go on and on and still everybody will yack about what Teri Hatcher said.

    It's just as I thought. Nobody will realize our own problems unless we RECOGNIZE them first.

    Thats how alcoholics anonymous handles their clients.

    The first step in changing oneself is to recognize that you have a problem.

    Thing is we can't even fix our problem here then why the hell feel bad about it if other nations call us a country of stupid and cheat?

    You feel bad about what some TV drama actor said and you're not mad about what's happening in front of you? C'mon have a heart.


    and no amount of denial would ever change that.

    If you're really mad at her statement then start off with changing this God-damned country!


    ruther said...

    we have the same opinion on this.

    though masakit pa rin naman pakinggan because such statement singled out the medical workforce..why not instead attack philippine polictians and law makers?

    siguro kung ganun, walang magre-react. IMHO.

    upoytao said...

    hehehe si teri hatcher daw half-pinay hahaha asteeg!!!

    Anonymous said...

    anlabo nga minsan ng sensibilities ng pinoy... bakit madaling magalit sa ibang bagay pero napaka-matiisin naman pagdating ng ibang bagay :-(

    - taroogs -

    upoytao said...

    haay naku kuya taroogs sinabi mo pa talagang nakakairita hahay

    - rain - said...

    na-desensitize na kasi mga tao, i think. parang lahat ng bad within the country's boundaries e naka-exclamation point. so di na umeepekto. it's a sad truth. but how do you make yourself be heard over the shouts and chaos?

    upoytao said...

    ewan ko rain mukhang malabo na nga makarinig or may makinig haay