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    I made a comment on Manolo's blog and I was asked a copuple of questions so I thought I'd also paste my answers here.

    On the question of "Are we really ready for democracy? at least in the present form that we have?"

    I believe we are ready for it if not more than being a society who is moral enough to accept any form of religion and belief. If not more than willing to accomodate dissent and freedom of speech. I think we are more than ready for it and we are doing it succesfully as compared to other civilizations who are older than us.

    On the adage that "Democracy comes from the people as well as its reflection" we should place into context the whole country if only to make it fair to others concerned. As you see in Cebu they really don't cross the street when the light is green. They don't play loud music in their jeepneys if others don't like it. In other parts of the cordilleras life is more peaceful than in Tondo. The comparison is huge in magnitude and in context as perception clearly distorts the whole reality of the situation of the country so I believe it is just a matter of narrowing down comparisons and examples that the question posited by {Proud to be Tsinoy} should be considered such as What is democracy? Has it changed through the years? Has it gotten stronger? what is Filipino Democracy? Is democracy working for us? Do we work as a nation towards genuine democracy?

    I firmly believe that the issue of replacing our leaders is an issue of morality and not divisiveness. When Marcos massacred thousands of filipinos in Martial Law we were moral enough to take him down. When we spurn cheating in the streets it is an issue of morality. When we became vocal about the wrongdoings of the government it is about morality.

    So we go back to the main question. "Are we really ready for democracy? at least in the present form that we have?" I always believe without prejudice that the filipino is intelligent enough to review his/her morals. And if being ready for democracy means being able to present our morality in toppling down an immoral regime then we are more than ready {Proud to be Tsinoy}. ^_^

    On the question of "floyd, do you know what should be done?" {DinaPinoy}
    I don't want to sound being a lone authority on this one but I believe that It's in our culture and heritage to help. People are silent because we are hoping that somebody out there would help us while in fact it has always been in us to help others and help ourselves. Right now we need to help ourselves and our country, how we are going to go about it is relative to each and everyone but I always believe in the strength of the filipino and their judgment.

    {Manindigan!} Thanks to you too for always coming here and sharing your piece of mind ^_^


    DJB Rizalist said...

    I think democracy is a largely irreversible process. few countries become democratic and then revert to something else for very long. Also perhaps it is also true that there is no such thing really as "preparing" for democracy, for either the principles really are right or at least better than the alternatives, or they are wrong altogether. It's like evolution...for what is indeed a "genuine" human being. Democracy must be a continuum of some kind.

    upoytao said...

    Hi Deany! Tnx for visiting my blog!
    I believe you were with my aunt in china way back martial law right?


    she seems to remember you always teasing her.