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lunar phases
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  • Imelda Marcos Quotes (feel free to vomit) hehehe

    "I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty."

    ""'Nouveau riche' is better than 'no riche.'

    "I have never been a material girl. My father always told me never to love anything that cannot love you back."

    "People say I'm extravagant because I want to be surrounded by beauty. But tell me, who wants to be surrounded by garbage?"

    "Win or loose, we go shopping after the election."

    "If you know how rich you are, you are not rich. But me, I am not aware of the extent of my wealth. That's how rich we are."

    "Never dress down for the poor. They won't respect you for it. They want their First Lady to look like a million dollars."

    "They call me corrupt, frivolous. I am not at all privileged. Maybe the only privileged thing is my face. And corrupt? God! I would not look like this if I am corrupt. Some ugliness would settle down on my system."

    "Filipinos want beauty. I have to look beautiful so that the poor Filipinos will have a star to look at from their slums."

    "I was born ostentatious. They will list my name in the dictionary someday. They will use 'Imeldific' to mean ostentatious extravagance."

    "I hate ugliness. You know I'm allergic to ugliness."

    "The problems with First Ladies is that you have to set the standard. My role is to be both star and slave."

    "I was no Marie Antoinette. I was not born to nobility, but I had a human right to nobility."

    "I get so tired listening to one million dollars here, one million dollars there, it's so petty."

    "It is terribly important to do certain things, such as wear overembroidered dresses. After all, the mass follows class. Class never follows mass."

    "God is love. I have loved. Therefore, I will go to heaven."

    "We practically own everything in the Philippines."

    "When they see me holding fish, they can see that I am comfortable with kings as well as with paupers."

    "It's the rich you can terrorize. The poor have nothing to loose."