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  • Farming and The 2007 SEA Games

    when the Sumilao farmers mrached to malakanyang the first time they were greeted with truncheons and cops aiming at their heads.

    The second time they marched again they were greeted with flowers and water and the president quickly handing out a 45 minute meeting but of course with a photo shoot of her hugging a farmer.

    Call it stupid or controversial but nothing is more ridiculous than an ever spinning nonsense being flaunted in front of you.

    What made malakanyang change its stand on the sumilao farmers can only be summed up in two-words. "Media-Mileage".

    When it failed to address its incapacity to render justice to media men arrested by the police and the military in the makati stand-off, it irked the press as well as major broadcasting networks.

    I honestly don't think that this act of one of the highest offices in the country is sincere.

    No. I don't buy the idea that in a weeks time or in a days hours one whose face is pompous enough to jail innocent mediamen who's only doing their job would be kind enough to do justice to a group of farmers who has been asking for their help for almost a decade.

    It's a "farts face value" thats what I call it.

    But yes give back their lands for all its worth, despite the politicking involved in all these, they deserve that.

    But don't give me any nice idea that this government is really doing it for the people.

    No. It's just utter nonsense.


    If there is one thing that our education has taught us, it is our propensity to just gulp down any imaginable injustice done to us no matter how downright disrespectful it is.

    It doesn't just teach us how to be corrupt or be blinded by the people in power, it also teaches us how to be modestly hospitable to those who are trampling over us.

    You ask why?

    It's because we need the grade. We need the diploma and we need the honor of being able to graduate from a University. Only to be trampled time and again in our workplace.

    The church dims also as such that it enhances servitude as a means of surviving and only does it become pro-active when its interests are being severely broken down to bits and pieces but as long as it has its wide base of followers it will even help retain the status-quo.

    If the university's crimes are to be considered, it is because they have the power to give a diploma and a bright future.

    if the Churchs' crimes are to be considered, it is because they have the power over sending you to heaven or hell.

    And now if a Job/employers crimes are to be considered it is because they have the money and an employee doesn't have one.

    Perhaps Marx is right when he theorize that society is borne out of the struggles of the different classes but I'd have to rephrase it by saying that society is borne out of the needs of the different classes. Achieving it may have different forms but the old virtue of the strong shall live and the weak shall die still runs true even in the corporate setting.

    Hmm.. But why am I writing this?

    Well.. its' just something I thought of writing while I was making the trip from north fairview to philcoa hehehe


    I had a band in college and the name was Eco's Pendulum.

    I guess we named it after a famous book by the semiotics philosopher Umberto Eco.

    The books' title is Foucalts' Pendulum.

    We love the book and yes because we're all dorky enough to name it over ourselves we decided to carry it in our bands name list in concerts.

    our original name was really Supersymboliceconomy. Based from the book of Alvin Toffler who wrote Future Shock and yet again it is dorky enough to overshadow our artistic endeavours.

    I play vocals, Jiji played the bass, jecar played the second vocals, Atan played the guitar, and Oliver played the drums.

    I can objectively say that we're good though. And I think we had a great future ahead of us if not for my love of judo that I wasn't ablte to conitune the band stint.

    In someway you get tired of missed practices and late people cueing up in a studio.

    But yes those were good times.

    Jecar continued with the band having Atan as their guitarist.

    Oliver became a bible weilding guy and decided to play in a church group instead.

    Jiji became an addict and was alienated for a year but came back after that and finished his studies and worked in manila.

    As for me I still sing but I'm too busy to do so with a band. So i record my songs in a computer and upload them in my multiply.

    hmm times have changed I'm getting more mellow right now as in, I was singin hardcore rock music back in those days, but now I'm playin damien rice songs wheeew!

    time flies hehehe


    whats' this all about cheating in the SEA games in thailand?

    Some say that its' just not right that our athletes walkout kasi nga dinadaya sila.

    But then tama din naman kasi na kung alam mo nang niluluto yung laro at yung decision ng judges favoring yung mga athletes ng thailand eh mas mabuti nang wag na lang talaga.

    For one anranasan mo na bang madaya?

    Tsong hindi ganun kadali maka-get over dun in fact mapapanaginipan mo siya paulit ulit hanggang sa maging bad trip ka na at mawalan ng gana sa sport na sinalihan mo.

    its' just like saying why bother running for office when you know you will be cheated anyway?

    My heart goes out for them athletes you see we don't give them much credit than we're supposed to.

    They spend their lives training everyday missing almost half of their lives and doing everything for the name of the country.

    And believe me having a painful body after a days' training isn't worth the broken spirit they would get after being cheated.

    Its' just like being cheated out of your college entrance exams where another undeserving person gets to enter your college because of connections and you get wait listed while your dirt poor and the other could afford high end universities. Turned out the persons' just there for the name and the diploma.

    Take my word for it it sucks when you get cheated on.

    All hail our athletes!!!


    my bodys' aching like hell today... and my right shoulder isn't getting any better either.

    It just hurts like hell... I guess I really have to go to the doctor for this.

    And it means another wave of gastusin and sakit sa ulong mga gamot... haay...

    It also gets worse when I'm working out it just clicks and clicks and clicks all the way home waahhh

    Minsan nga ang lakas na nya sobra mag click nagugulat na yung katabi ko sa jeep.

    basta ganun sakit huhuhu anyone knows a good doctor?



    You know what's disconcerting?

    It is when somebody tells you to clean your room and her room is not even clean.

    It is when somebody tells you to throw away your things but not hers because she thinks they're too messy.

    It is when she says go buy a new shoe rack when more than half of her shoes are on the available rack but her shoes are rotting because she doesn't even use them.

    It is also disconcerting when she notices your habits like eating a lot or when she notices your belly saying that its too big and yet you go to the gym. But she lets you eat everything that are leftovers in the fridge.

    Other than the fact that she even has a say on how you fix your clothes in your cabinet and while your away she goes over your things afterwards telling you at dinner why you like watching porn a lot.

    She can't do this to her son.

    She can't do this to her daughter.

    But she can do it to me.

    All because I'm just somebody renting a room in her place.

    And look I pay dearly and I pay well. In fact I pay on time!

    I don't think it merits more than picking on me nor the idea of looking down at me and as I feel it I don't even deserve to be told "You have to fix your room because that is the rule of the house!" When you never tell that to your son and daughter.

    Yes I'm tired and I'm really damn pissed.

    How do you think I felt that insincerity? That painstruck discrimination?

    It was when you'd rather let me stay in a room downstairs where I had to cramp myself and my stuff while there is another room upstairs bigger and better and free for the taking that you wouldn't want me to use because you'd rather have a "korean" rent it.

    And only when termites stormed my room and almost ate my bed from beneath and when my clothes were almost eaten that you even blamed me for the termites tellin me that I never checked my things that I had too much stuff that I wasn't clean enough.

    I swallowed everything you see I swallowed all of it. Because in my heart I owe you everything that I am now. That when I was young you took me in and helped me to where I am now.

    Or at times when I can't ask you to let somebody special sleep at my room while I sleep at the sofa on the living room.
    Your son could let anyone sleep in his room as well as your daughter but not me.

    Not me.

    See I'm thankful really. I love you guys but it's been a year of futility.

    I even have to buy a lock and key and a small hardware box to keep my things just so you'd never look at some important things as if you own everything I do.

    Look I never went in your rooms.
    I never scrutinize them nor tell you to throw your things away!
    Everything you do to your things I left them all to you.

    But it's just irritating so irritating specially in the morning.

    So now I have another goal and I'm placing this in my itinerary for the next year.

    I'd have to say goodbye to the free food and the free television.

    I'd have to say goodbye to the free laundry and the use of computer.

    I'd have to say goodbye to you. And everyone,. I guess times had been happier but this is the end.

    Thank you and I love you guys!

    (My apologies... I'm really pissed... sorry)


    Tattoo and x-mas

    nagpa tattoo yung kakilala ng kaibigan ko, pangalan daw ng nanay nya tapos habang tinatattooan sya eh umiinom siya ng gin para di masyado masakit sa end nya.

    ang mali nya eh pinainom nya yung nag-tatattoo sa kanya.

    Ayun pagkatapos ng tattoo nya eh wrong spelling ang pangalan na nakalagay sa likod niya.

    Kaya kung tatanungin mo siya sino yung pangalan ng babaeng nakatatto sa likod nya sasabihin niya sayo prendship nya. Ayus!

    Yung isa namang kaibigan ko pina-tattoo nya yung pangalan ng asawa nya sa tyan nya may pakpak pa!

    sabi ko bakit ganun?

    Sabi niya para daw pag naglalakad siya parang lumilipad ang pangalan.

    Yung isang barkada ko naman nung high school nagpatattoo ng shark sa hita nya pero pag nakaflex ito nagmumukhang dolphin.

    "Uy Mike may tattoo ka pala? Asteeg dolphin!"

    "Uhmm, pare hindi dolphin to, shark to..."

    "eh bakit mukhang dolphin?"

    "Hindi talaga pare shark yan!"

    "Pustahan tayo mukhang dolphin yan?"

    "Sige ba!"

    (naghatak ng isa pang klasmeyt at pinakita ni mike yung tattoo nya"



    "Eh ba't mukhang dolphin?" (sabi nung klasmeyt ko)

    "Ah basta shark to alis na nga ako!"

    Ayun umuwing masakit ang dib-dib ng klasmeyt ko. Naman kasing dolphin yan eh...

    may kilala naman ako nagpa-tattoo ng tweety bird ng looney tunes.

    27 na siya yun parin tattoo nya asteeg!

    Yung isa naman nagpatattoo ng pangalan ng gf nya... ang problema naghiwalay sila kaya ayun may nakapatong nang pusong may nakasaksak na knife.

    Actually gusto kong magpa-tattoo kaya lang di ko pa alam kung anong magiging design ko.

    Plano ko sana magpa-tattoo ng paa ng anak kong bagong panganak sa likod ko, problema wala pakong anak.

    Gusto ko din pa-tattoo ng symbol pero baka pagpunta ko sa ibang bansa may katulad na yung tattoo ko.

    kaya ngayon ewan ko kung magpapa-tattoo pako o hindi.

    hmm... maisip nga...


    Sa kabilang dako wag na wag kayong kakain sa KOWLOON HOUSE!

    kadire sila sobra umorder ako ng paa ng manok at spare ribs sa halagang 65 pesos each! yung spare ribs puros taba, tapos yung chicken feet nila ice pa yung gitna!

    Pinainit ko yung food tapos nung pinainit na nila hirit pa ng hirit yung waiter nila ok na sir? ok na? sabay ngiti.

    di ko na kinain kahit mainit.

    ewan ko kung kailan nila niluto yun pero ang nakakaasar eh matagal nang nakatambay sa freezer nila yun tapos pinapakain nila sa mga customers nila grrr!!!

    ewan ko ba nawalan ako ng gana sobra after nun grrr...



    Was able to purchase a cheap DVD burner last sat! laking tulong talaga nya lalo na punong puno na ang hard disk ko... haay thank you lord bait mo talaga imagine sa halagang 1,500 pesos kaya ko nang matabi lahat ng files ko?

    makakanood pako ng dvd sa comp ko hehehe sounds cool right?

    pagpasensyahan nyo na ang bata at talagang nuon ko pa gustong magkaron ng dvd burner hehehe apir!


    X-mas wishlist ko:

    1. PSP - 7k-13k
    2. Judo Gi - 2k
    3. Digicam - 10 - 15k
    4. PC DDR ram 1 Gig - 4k
    5. Adidas Samba - 3k
    6. Mga bagong brief - 2k
    7. Trip to Sagada - 7k
    8. Cheesy Pops - 500+
    9. Rash Guard - 800+
    10. Fight Shorts - 800+

    ok yan na muna ewan ko kelan ko mabibili ang mga to pero bahala na di naman siguro masama ang mangarap (tutal dati pangarap kong mapangasawa si phoebe cates)
    hanggang pangarap na lang talaga yun...

    heniweys merry x-mas everybody mwah!


    On being alone

    "Bro I had a fiance once and we've been together for five years imagine that.

    We we're supposed to get married and we we're already in the photoshoot for our wedding when she shouted at me because she got jealous of my bestfriend.

    That's when I ended it.

    All that five years ended in that couple of minutes."

    Upon hearing that I don't know what to say.

    Is it that easy to let go of a year? a month? a day? for some reason as simple as shouting in a photoshoot?

    Perhaps it is.

    And the more I think about it the more irrelevant relationships become.

    "When I decided to marry her, I knew that I have to take her for what she is either way someone has to give."

    Yah I think you're right. Maybe. Perhaps.

    Its a fact that I enjoy my past relationships in fact they've become a permanent fixture in my dreams.

    Sometimes I'm reliving it in my dreams as if its true.

    "I think it just piled up and the more it piled up over the years it broke off that bond between us. Its five years and we've been together ever since but now I hate him as hell."

    I ask myself will I also feel that? What If i don't get into any relationships for awhile. Lets' just say I've decided to keep it low for a year and perhaps expand it to another year and perhaps I wouldn't get into any relationships anymore. What would happen?

    "I've been a fool for a year bro. I kept loving her even when she doesn't love me back... But seriously I still love her I really do."

    It doesn't make sense really.

    But I like his conviction. Nonetheless I wouldn't dare go back to that place of utter desperation. Of trying to prove oneself for something that in one way or another fail.

    You look around and see different faces. You wonder what they're thinking. if they have the same story as yours or if it's more happier? no. lonelier.

    Suppose you have their eyes and ears and you live their lives for a day would you want this life your living?

    Would you settle for something you've never trodden on to the ones' your familiar of?

    "He has a wife. But we love each other. he loved me as if its forever, as if his wife doesn't exists. In fact he married her because he felt obliged to. But now I'm married. I'm happy. I pray that he's happy."

    Tell me a story as sad as this and I'd write a thousand poems for their children.

    If there's one thing I learned about loving.

    It is that it goes away just as fast as it comes.

    If it stays, then count the days and the weeks and the hours and enjoy it.

    Either way time and loving are altogether indifferent with each one. And oftentimes they become the reason for each others demise.

    And no amount of beer nor whiskey could wake one up from its stupor.


    All I want is you

    You say you want
    Diamonds on a ring of gold
    You say you want
    Your story to remain untold

    But all the promises we make
    From the cradle to the grave
    When all I want is you

    You say youll give me
    A highway with no one on it
    Treasure just to look upon it
    All the riches in the night

    You say youll give me
    Eyes in a moon of blindness
    A river in a time of dryness
    A harbour in the tempest
    But all the promises we make
    From the cradle to the grave
    When all I want is you

    You say you want
    Your love to work out right
    To last with me through the night

    You say you want
    Diamonds on a ring of gold
    Your story to remain untold
    Your love not to grow cold

    All the promises we break
    From the cradle to the grave
    When all I want is you

    You...all I want is...
    You...all I want is...
    You...all I want is...


    Lips Of An Angel

    Honey why you calling me so late?
    It's kinda hard to talk right now.
    Honey why are you crying? Is everything okay?
    I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud

    Well, my girl's in the next room
    Sometimes I wish she was you
    I guess we never really moved on
    It's really good to hear your voice say my name
    It sounds so sweet
    Coming from the lips of an angel
    Hearing those words it makes me weak

    And I never wanna say goodbye
    But girl you make it hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel

    It's funny that you're calling me tonight
    And, yes, I've dreamt of you too
    And does he know you're talking to me
    Will it start a fight
    No I don't think she has a clue

    Well my girl's in the next room
    Sometimes I wish she was you
    I guess we never really moved on
    It's really good to hear your voice say my name
    It sounds so sweet
    Coming from the lips of an angel
    Hearing those words it makes me weak

    And I never wanna say goodbye
    But girl you make it hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel

    It's really good to hear your voice say my name
    It sounds so sweet
    Coming from the lips of an angel
    Hearing those words it makes me weak

    And I never wanna say goodbye
    But girl you make it hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel

    And I never wanna say goodbye
    But girl you make it hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel

    Honey why you calling me so late?



    Sometimes being wrong really means being right.
    And being right means having to admit you're wrong.

    Dubai... its time for me to go...

    Di ko mapigil and yes I'm going to rant and rave today so pasensya na.

    Just recently may narinig ako sa radio, sangkatutak na mga kongresista daw ang kasama ni GMA papuntang spain and to do what? wala?! all expense paid daw sila jusme ano kaya yun? Tapos yung tax ng taong bayan ang kanilang pinapanggastos?

    Lord may karma ba talaga? haay kaya palagay ko hindi totoo ang karma eh imagine ang daming gago sa pinas and yet buhay pa rin sila at yumayaman haay habang ang mga simpleng empleyado walang magawa kundi kumayod ng kumayod.

    kagabi nag-usap kami ng barkada ko. itong barkada ko 4 years nang nagtatrabaho sa kumpanya nya he started na yung sweldo niya mga 10k lang he worked up the ladder and proved to the company na talagang kaya nya ngayon he's earning thrice as much as he was earning 4 years ago. pero ito ang catch that was 4 years ago.

    Yung kasama niya sa opisina na nasa dubai na earns around 250k flat. Unang sweldo nya nakabili na siya ng sony psp at laptop. usme ilang taon na akong nagtatrabaho ni isang gameboy wala pa akong nabili sa unang sweldo ko. The next thing she knows she's enrolling in french classes and swimming lessons other than pina-pag-aral pa nya yung kapatid nya sa pinas. Wala na daw siyang magawa sa pera nya dun.

    The next thing na sinabi ng barkada ko nilalakad na daw nila nung ibang officemates nila yung passport nila in fact nag pa-picture na daw sila for passport and nagpa-authenticate na ng mga birth certificates nila.

    Nasabi ko na lang:

    "Ok yan bro tama yan labas ka ng bansa... talagang wala naman kasing asenso dito sa pilipinas eh..."

    at bakit walang asenso sa pilipinas kamo? haay nako dahil sa mga leader natin at sa mga taong mas gustong manatiling ganun ang lider nila kaya ganun.

    In fact yung favorite prof. ko na ubod ng galing pinagsisisihan na nya kung bakit di siya lumabas ng bansa nuong may pagkakataon pa siya. kasi daw nung panahon ni Cory he was hoping na magiging ok ang bansa turned out wala din kaya mga anak nya ngayon isa isa nang nagpapaalam and he's giving them all his blessings.

    pero sabi niya sakin heto:

    "Floyd hindi kita pipigilan kung gusto mong umalis ng bansa pero if aalis ka malulungkot talaga ako dahil mauubusan ng magagaling na tao at makabayang tulad mo."

    Wala akong nasabi sa mga sinabi niya. in fact mas napaisip ako lalo. Dati kasi nagsulat ako about the movie city of god its a very good film and inihambing ko to sa pilipinas na walang ibang way para gumanda ang buhay kundi lumabas ng bansa.

    Dun kasi sa movie lahat ng iimik, magrereklamo, magagaling pinapatay bago pa sila tuluyang maging influential, or else the other thing to do is join another group of hoodlums and kill each other off.

    It convinced me thoroughly to get out of the country especially when somebody wants to have a good future for their children.

    So it got me thinking, san kaya magandang mag-migrate? hmm... ayoko sa US daming baliw, ayoko din sa europe baka ako mabaliw hehehe siguro somewhere in asia hmm bahala na lets see...


    I sent a number of text messages regarding the makati standoff and I had number of reactions that really irked me.

    reaction #1: I don't care (mga dalawang taga UP yan ha)

    reaction #2: Trillanes is a destabilizer, mayabang and stupid.

    reaction #3: And who do you think would replace GMA? Them destabilizers? They are all the same! all politicians are the same!

    reaction #4: They said that they are representing the people then why are they targeting posh hotels?

    In the first reaction I said "Ok then i'll let you off my list"

    on the second reaction I said "Destabilizer? He wouldn't have done it if GMA didn't cheat don't you think? Mayabang? In what way?"

    on the third reaction I said "if you know the constitution you'd know the answer, if it's Noli you don't like then you're thinking of removing her extra-constitutionaly then I think you should think of a good replacement, but if you think that all of them are the same then I think they are all the same because you keep them that way in short you don't do your part in changing the political landscape and one way of doing that is by keeping mum."

    On the fourth reaction I literaly laughed out loud, you see I really don't see the point of this reaction. It sounds like if you are poor then you don't deserve to go to five star hotels or even manifest your displeasure in a "posh" place no matter how justified your protestations are. Its just sinfully funny and discriminating the least.

    Their reactions differ but I'm not sure If I did swayed them to the course I'm heading to which is "We let other people do the things we should've rightfully done in the first place and that is weed out all of the corrupt politicians we voted into office. You see when you vote it doesn't end there, you should be watchful of how the politician works so you'll know if the taxes you are paying him to do his job are really worth it. Or else that person should be put out of power. It is not a question of opinion as I see it rather it is a question of morals.

    For goodness sake the president has time and again cheated on the people and made an amazing number of offences and all you have to tell me is who's going to replace her? you mean to tell me you'd let a criminal off just because you think there's no other person suited for the presidency but the president who cheated her way to office?

    the bishops and nuns are right, if this is happening then we have completely lost our morals. And I don't know how we can come up with it anymore.

    I just don't understand why people can't see it.

    maybe it takes more than morals to really awaken this country haay...


    For My Lover, Returning To His Wife

    Anne Sexton

    On surfing around the net again I came across the blog of my favorite blogger and read this heartbreaking entry and yes it is heartbreaking as heartshakingly honest as it is. thanks Frances ^_^


    In 1966, Sexton wrote this poem while she was hospitalized for injuries suffered from a terrible fall down the stairway of her house, on the night of her birthday.

    The poem is about the end of her love affair with her psychiatrist, Dr. Zweizung, who had devastated Sexton by ending the relationship when his wife discovered the love letters that Sexton and Zweizung had exchanged and had become enraged.

    In contrast to Sexton's other relationships, the pain inflicted by the end of this particular affair was intense and long lasting. As someone once commented, some wounds never heal, so we might as well just learn to live with the scars.


    For My Lover, Returning To His Wife
    by Anne Sexton

    She is all there.
    She was melted carefully down for you
    and cast up from your childhood,
    cast up from your one hundred favorite aggies.

    She has always been there, my darling.
    She is, in fact, exquisite.
    Fireworks in the dull middle of February
    and as real as a cast-iron pot.

    Let's face it, I have been momentary.
    vA luxury. A bright red sloop in the harbor.
    My hair rising like smoke from the car window.
    Littleneck clams out of season.

    She is more than that. She is your have to have,
    has grown you your practical your tropical growth.
    This is not an experiment. She is all harmony.
    She sees to oars and oarlocks for the dinghy,

    has placed wild flowers at the window at breakfast,
    sat by the potter's wheel at midday,
    set forth three children under the moon,
    three cherubs drawn by Michelangelo,

    done this with her legs spread out
    in the terrible months in the chapel.
    If you glance up, the children are there
    like delicate balloons resting on the ceiling.

    She has also carried each one down the hall
    after supper, their heads privately bent,
    two legs protesting, person to person,
    her face flushed with a song and their little sleep.

    I give you back your heart.
    I give you permission --

    for the fuse inside her, throbbing
    angrily in the dirt, for the bitch in her
    and the burying of her wound --
    for the burying of her small red wound alive --

    for the pale flickering flare under her ribs,
    for the drunken sailor who waits in her left pulse,
    for the mother's knee, for the stocking,
    for the garter belt, for the call --

    the curious call
    when you will burrow in arms and breasts
    and tug at the orange ribbon in her hair
    and answer the call, the curious call.

    She is so naked and singular
    She is the sum of yourself and your dream.
    Climb her like a monument, step after step.
    She is solid.

    As for me, I am a watercolor.
    I wash off.

    wow cubao!

    nakita ko lang to sa net di ko kilala yung chick pwamis by the way sa cubao pala yan
    (hmm may kamukha siya)

    Kamusta naman ang trapik sa pinas?

    actually sa maynila lang ata ubod ng trapik at yun ay ang parteng cubao.

    Come to think of it since the time na high school pako talagang madami nang tao sa cubao, di ko nga ubod maisip bakit dumami ng ganun ang mga tao dun eh.

    pero talagang madaming tao sa cubao sobra. Nuong nag work pa ko sa MBS dati pag sumasakay ako ng MRT laging puno ang station sa cubao pauwi man o papunta ng opisina.

    Tapos yung taga announce dun lang nag-aannounce na "Mag-ingat sa mandurukot babala po!'

    Di kaya discriminating yun? pero totoo naman kasi talagang andaming mandurukot dun.

    I remember cubao nung high school pako (naks parang ang tagal na ha hehehe) but seriously back mga 10 years ago hindi ganun ang itsura ng cubao. Dati ang farmers market may part dun na amoy chinese medicine parang pinaghalong incense at damong sinusunog malimit akong naglalakad dun kasama yung mga barkada ko.

    Dati kasi taga antipolo ako kaya talagang cubao ang daan ko.

    madami rin akong masasayang araw sa cubao. Yung mga panahong naghahanap ako ng libro at imbis na ipangkain ko ang baon ko eh pinambibili ko na lang ng libro.

    Dito ako nakabili ng tatlong libro ni anne rice sa halagang 150 pesos may kasama pang isang mini novel yun.

    naging barkada ko na nga yung nagbebenta eh ewan ko kung san na sila ngayon kasi sinira na yung dating terminal ng byaheng antipolo.

    Naalala ko rin yung mga panahong walang ibang sakayan kundi dun sa terminal lang at ang pera ko saktong pang-sabit lang at imagine mga pito kayong sasabit sa likod ng jeep no-stir totoo yun di pa kasi uso mmda nuong mga panahon na yun kaya minsan kapitan na namin eh yung bubong na mismo tapos isang paa lang nakaapak exciting talaga sabay harurot jeep pa yung sasakyan mo.

    Minahal ko rin ang national bookstore dun (which reminds me kelangan ko palang puntahan yun).

    Dami kasi akong oras na inubos dun eh sa mga panahong single pako at walang magawa sa buhay at kung minsan talagang ayaw ko lang umuwi ng bahay.

    Sarap din kumain sa Cubao lahat na ata ng klase ng pagkain andun from halo2x to siopao to siomai at kung ano2x pa!

    sa gabi naman maraming pok-pok na nag-iikot ewan ko san na yung mga yun ngayon balita ko lumipat na sila sa mga bars sa may gateway eh.

    heniweys palagay ko dapat gawan ng sariling MRT ang cubao alam mo yun parang cubao straight to makati or cubao straight to taft. believe me mas gaganda ang takbo ng edsa at mas madaming tao ang hindi madudukutan nyahahaha


    About my allergic rhinitis update ko lang ayus na siya pero i keep on taking this drug na kastair ang name for 20 days which costs around 45 pesos each tapos after nun have to take flexotide nasal spray once a day.

    the hell ang mahal nanaman nya lahat ata ng ipon ko naubos na! buti na lang malaki ang quezon city circle pwede pakong magbenta ng kaligayahan (sir gimmik sir?)

    heniweys so far so good naman yung nangyari sa ilong ko at sabi pa sakin ng doktor pwede daw ako bumalik nex year! hehehe hear that? next year mehn imagine isang malinis na ilong na taon!

    ngayon kailangan ko naman paayos eh yung balikat ko. yes sira ang right shoulder ko tumutunog siya at sumasakit at the same time kahit buong maghapon ko siyang i-ikot lagi siyang tumutunog nag-ki-click ng malakas.

    Kikirot yan after grabe masakit talaga according sa research ko loose rotator cuffs daw siya its a torn muscle sa balikat ko anyway magagamot pa naman daw siya through a) therapy b) surgery (uhmm pwede therapy na lang?)

    so ayun na nga parang ganun na yun ayus!

    rakenrol! \m/ (last night I couldn't even go to edsa! sabay sayaw hehehe)

    Loser I am

    tsong masama ang feeling na natatalo believe me. Specially kung yung tumalo sayo eh isang six footer na puti na amoy taong grasa.

    yes ganun ang amoy nya sobrang baho na nnapasigaw ako sa laban na "POTEK ANG BAHO" I'm sure di niya naintindihan yun pero sana tanungin nya. palagay ko di naglaba ng uniform yun ng mahigit isang linggo and dun ako nag-tap. Jusme naman ang baho ng kalaban ko kadiri talaga parang isang malaking paa na pinapahid sa mukha mo ang amoy.

    Lord why me??? why why?? sa lahat ng makakalaban ko siya pa??

    So ayun natalo ako masama talaga ang feeling para kang nasakluban ng langit at lupa.
    Di ako nakatulog nung gabing yun haay buti na lang I can resort to that other thing na pinakahihintay kong gawin hehehe and that is "RELEASE THE POWER" nyahaha yes masakit na ang mga bulitas ko sa sobrang dami and its true lalakas ka nga pero grabe parang tingin mo sa lahat ng babae maganda kahit ampapanget na nila.

    Iniimagine ko na lang pano pa kaya if makulong ako?
    Buti na lang hindi hehehe


    "Floyd tingin mo magkaka girlfriend pa ko?"

    "Palagay ko di na mehn"

    (all of these conversation being carried out while watching a maria ozawa video)

    "Huh? Bakit naman?"

    "Unang-una di ka nakikipag-usap sa babae. makakita ka lang ng babae namumula ka na at di na nagsasalita."

    "Pangalawa, di ka nakikinig samin, ilang beses ka na naming pinapapunta sa isang date eh kahit date ayaw mo."

    "Pangatlo ayaw mo rin lumabas kung saan madaming ibang tao at maraming babae, eh kahit nga shakehands dio mo ginagawa eh tapos puro pa palusot na kesyo 'when the time comes' or 'when the situation is ripe' or 'kung may pagkakataon'"

    "Pang-apat, sobrang mapili ka mehn imagine ang taas ng standards mo dapt virgin at walang boyfriend agad yung babae eh ni hindi mo pa nga nakakausap o kinakausap."

    "At lastly please parang awa mo na mag-ahit ka ng bigote mo at balbas nagmumukha kang tito ko eh panot ka na nga di ka pa mrunong mag linis ng mukha mo."

    "At pinaka last hanap ka ng ways para pumorma naman kahit konti like choose the right clothes for the right occasions etc, pansin ko isa lang suot mo sa lahat ng events mehn."

    "Ah, ok"

    "Tol last year mo pako sinasagot ng ganyan kaya pa-prankahin na kita di ka na mag-kaka gf or makakatikim man lang kahit ng halik."

    Yan ang kaibigan ko kaka birthday lang niya nung Dec. 1 pero ni minsan di pa siya nakipagdate, nakahalik, nakahawak ng kamay ng opposite sex or nagka-gf. in short virgin pa siya and he's damn 28 years old.

    Tinatakot ko na nga eh, sinasabi ko tatandang binata na lang siya buong buhay nya pero wala pa rine epekto sobrang torpe talaga ng taong to juskupow!

    Yung isang kaibigan namin ganun din pero mas malala 35 years old na pero pag nakakakita ng babae tumatakbo di kaya kelangan ko na itong posasan at dalhin sa isang bold show?

    Ah tama kailangan dalhin ko sila sa isang boldshow! hindi puros porno na lang ang pinapanood nila jusme!

    Pero problema wala akong alam na magandang bold show dito sa maynila karamihan ng alam ko nasa cebu hehehe.

    but heniweys my friend who's 28 needs to get laid soon or else I don't know what will happen to him...

    Minsan iniisip ko sana mga babae kasing agresibo din ng lalaki eh di sana solb na problema ng kaibigan ko pero palagay ko malayo pang mangyari sa pinas yun eh hahay.



    Hindi mo pa oras Trillanes.
    Yung mga katulad mong habang buhay nang nagsisilbi sa bayan.
    Yung mga tulad mong simula't sapul ay lumalaban at namamatay para sa inang bayan.

    Hindi pa oras ng paghihiwatig.
    Nang paglilinaw at pagbibigay ng liwanag.
    Hindi ngayon at kelan man.

    Dahil hindi nila naiintindihan ang tulad mo.
    Dahil mas gusto nilang manatili sa kung nasaan sila,
    at kung anong meron sila.

    Hindi sila handa sa mawawala,
    hindi rin sila handa sa pagbabago.
    Pagbabago na galing sa isang tulad mo.

    Matanong nga kita, Ni minsan ba nagnakaw ka?
    Pumatay ng mga taong walang laban?
    Ni minsan ba naghugas kamay ka sa katiwalian sa iyong paligid?
    Minsan ba naghangad ka ng mas mataas sa kung anong binigay sa iyo ng pagkakataon?

    Pero hindi nila maiintindihan yun Trillanes,
    Dahil ikaw ay isang ganap na sundalo.
    At ang sundalo sa paningin ng lahat ay dapat maging mangmang,
    Takot sa kanyang pinagsisilbihan,
    hindi nagtatanong at umuusisa,
    Hindi pwedeng higitan ang sistemang kanyang pinanggalingan,
    Hindi kayang umangat sa ideolohiya ng pagsunod at ganap na bulag na tagasunod lamang.

    Hindi nila maiintindihan na ang pinaglalaban moy laban din nila.
    Na hindi lang ang mga taga-kaliwa ang pwedeng magdala ng pagbabago.
    Na ang mga may armas din ay mas may pananagutan sa kanilang ipinapagtanggol.

    Hindi nila kayang intindihin dahil hindi sila ang humaharap sa kaaway.
    Hindi sila ang nauubusan ng baril at bala sa gitna ng digmaan,
    Hindi sila ang walang masilungan sa panahon ng tag-ulan.
    Hindi sila ang tatanda at walang makukuhang benepisyo lalo na kung sila'y magkakasakit.

    Hindi mo pa oras Trillanes,
    Ngunit oras na ng madla.

    oras na upang maihambing ka at siya na nakaupo,
    at sila at ang mga lumalaban para sa bayan.