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  • Farming and The 2007 SEA Games

    when the Sumilao farmers mrached to malakanyang the first time they were greeted with truncheons and cops aiming at their heads.

    The second time they marched again they were greeted with flowers and water and the president quickly handing out a 45 minute meeting but of course with a photo shoot of her hugging a farmer.

    Call it stupid or controversial but nothing is more ridiculous than an ever spinning nonsense being flaunted in front of you.

    What made malakanyang change its stand on the sumilao farmers can only be summed up in two-words. "Media-Mileage".

    When it failed to address its incapacity to render justice to media men arrested by the police and the military in the makati stand-off, it irked the press as well as major broadcasting networks.

    I honestly don't think that this act of one of the highest offices in the country is sincere.

    No. I don't buy the idea that in a weeks time or in a days hours one whose face is pompous enough to jail innocent mediamen who's only doing their job would be kind enough to do justice to a group of farmers who has been asking for their help for almost a decade.

    It's a "farts face value" thats what I call it.

    But yes give back their lands for all its worth, despite the politicking involved in all these, they deserve that.

    But don't give me any nice idea that this government is really doing it for the people.

    No. It's just utter nonsense.


    If there is one thing that our education has taught us, it is our propensity to just gulp down any imaginable injustice done to us no matter how downright disrespectful it is.

    It doesn't just teach us how to be corrupt or be blinded by the people in power, it also teaches us how to be modestly hospitable to those who are trampling over us.

    You ask why?

    It's because we need the grade. We need the diploma and we need the honor of being able to graduate from a University. Only to be trampled time and again in our workplace.

    The church dims also as such that it enhances servitude as a means of surviving and only does it become pro-active when its interests are being severely broken down to bits and pieces but as long as it has its wide base of followers it will even help retain the status-quo.

    If the university's crimes are to be considered, it is because they have the power to give a diploma and a bright future.

    if the Churchs' crimes are to be considered, it is because they have the power over sending you to heaven or hell.

    And now if a Job/employers crimes are to be considered it is because they have the money and an employee doesn't have one.

    Perhaps Marx is right when he theorize that society is borne out of the struggles of the different classes but I'd have to rephrase it by saying that society is borne out of the needs of the different classes. Achieving it may have different forms but the old virtue of the strong shall live and the weak shall die still runs true even in the corporate setting.

    Hmm.. But why am I writing this?

    Well.. its' just something I thought of writing while I was making the trip from north fairview to philcoa hehehe


    I had a band in college and the name was Eco's Pendulum.

    I guess we named it after a famous book by the semiotics philosopher Umberto Eco.

    The books' title is Foucalts' Pendulum.

    We love the book and yes because we're all dorky enough to name it over ourselves we decided to carry it in our bands name list in concerts.

    our original name was really Supersymboliceconomy. Based from the book of Alvin Toffler who wrote Future Shock and yet again it is dorky enough to overshadow our artistic endeavours.

    I play vocals, Jiji played the bass, jecar played the second vocals, Atan played the guitar, and Oliver played the drums.

    I can objectively say that we're good though. And I think we had a great future ahead of us if not for my love of judo that I wasn't ablte to conitune the band stint.

    In someway you get tired of missed practices and late people cueing up in a studio.

    But yes those were good times.

    Jecar continued with the band having Atan as their guitarist.

    Oliver became a bible weilding guy and decided to play in a church group instead.

    Jiji became an addict and was alienated for a year but came back after that and finished his studies and worked in manila.

    As for me I still sing but I'm too busy to do so with a band. So i record my songs in a computer and upload them in my multiply.

    hmm times have changed I'm getting more mellow right now as in, I was singin hardcore rock music back in those days, but now I'm playin damien rice songs wheeew!

    time flies hehehe


    whats' this all about cheating in the SEA games in thailand?

    Some say that its' just not right that our athletes walkout kasi nga dinadaya sila.

    But then tama din naman kasi na kung alam mo nang niluluto yung laro at yung decision ng judges favoring yung mga athletes ng thailand eh mas mabuti nang wag na lang talaga.

    For one anranasan mo na bang madaya?

    Tsong hindi ganun kadali maka-get over dun in fact mapapanaginipan mo siya paulit ulit hanggang sa maging bad trip ka na at mawalan ng gana sa sport na sinalihan mo.

    its' just like saying why bother running for office when you know you will be cheated anyway?

    My heart goes out for them athletes you see we don't give them much credit than we're supposed to.

    They spend their lives training everyday missing almost half of their lives and doing everything for the name of the country.

    And believe me having a painful body after a days' training isn't worth the broken spirit they would get after being cheated.

    Its' just like being cheated out of your college entrance exams where another undeserving person gets to enter your college because of connections and you get wait listed while your dirt poor and the other could afford high end universities. Turned out the persons' just there for the name and the diploma.

    Take my word for it it sucks when you get cheated on.

    All hail our athletes!!!


    my bodys' aching like hell today... and my right shoulder isn't getting any better either.

    It just hurts like hell... I guess I really have to go to the doctor for this.

    And it means another wave of gastusin and sakit sa ulong mga gamot... haay...

    It also gets worse when I'm working out it just clicks and clicks and clicks all the way home waahhh

    Minsan nga ang lakas na nya sobra mag click nagugulat na yung katabi ko sa jeep.

    basta ganun sakit huhuhu anyone knows a good doctor?



    idealpinkrose said...

    is that arroyo? ganyan na pala siya katanda ngayon...tagal ko na kasi siyang di nakikita kahit sa pic man lang..hehehe...


    upoytao said...

    yep ganyan na itsura nya mehn nakakatakot noh? hehehe

    raine pimentel said...

    potah may banda ka pala tsong? Di ko na feel. Haha. Apir. Miss you bro.

    Wahaha. Miss ko na si tita mags. and si Misajon.