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  • Eraps pardon

    Look I never like Erap not even at the time that he was democratically elected into office.

    Deep in me I already had the feeling that he will win and we're all in deep waters, that is how cynical the time was and my outlook on Philippine politics that time.

    Then came the scandals and Edsa 2, I can only look at the television as I was In cebu that time and believe me I was convinced that it was really wrong for the senate to not have allowed the opening of the 2nd envelop until I realized some days after that upon introspection and studying of the law the prosecution has the chance to request for another opening of the envelop. But of course Joker Arroyo was already maraching in the streets.

    I also realized that being senators voted in office they are carrying out their duties. So I thought who would benefit from EDSA 2 more? And then GMA got into mind. Honestly it sent shivers down my spine.

    Look, If a person who Isn't even president yet goes marching down the streets carrying the banner against her own administration and accepting praises as if she's the person to be thanked for the uprising, just can never be accepted by my system.

    When Erap went out of Malakanyang I was able to talk with a campaign manager of his, and he warned me right away that GMA is worse than Erap. I asked how and why and he told me to just sit back and see what she does. I don't believe him at first and then the barrage of anomalies started one by one.

    I can swallow the fact that GMA became president if only to fill in the power vaccum that exists at that time but I was still against the idea that "just because somebody is removed from office by virtue of a parliamentary struggle" the person who would replace the removed leader is already "qualified by virtue of being next in line" I just thought that the people who partake of EDSA 2 was robbed the chance to select their own leader because of an illusionary justice served by then Chief Justice Hilario Davide.

    Just when I saw GMA being sworn into office by Davide I have this very bad feeling that perhaps we all went down the wrong path. But I wasn't able to ponder more on it because of work... (poverty is the main source of indifference you see in some cases).

    So what is my take on Eraps' pardon given by Malakanyang?

    First Erap had been wasting his time in prison for a long time without ever being proven guilty at that. To date he's only been proven guilty this year and yet he had to suffer the humiliation of being an ousted President charged with sorruption Etc... while Imelda Marcos, GMA, Joc-joc Bolante, The comelec amongst others gets away with their crimes...

    You see life just isn't fair, but that doesn't mean that only the ones in power should have the benefit of the doubt.

    What Erap did to date is to face his accusers head on and place his faith in the justice system that actually played him bad. And that was perhaps his downfall... he trusted too much.

    So when I'm asked if I agree with the pardon of Erap I think the question should be placed in the context of all the criminals outside of prison and who's forever eluded justice due to influence and power.

    Honestly speaking I admire Erap for standing out and facing the truth for all its worth he's one helluva brave person. You must give him credit for that.


    I do not agree with Eraps' pardon If justice is to be served righteously and equally to each and everyone and that also applies to the President who's forever eluded justice.

    I do not agree with Eraps' pardon because it bodes darkly for the plight of GMA and other criminals that by virtue of influence gets away with crimes against humanity.

    I do not agree with Eraps' pardon because it is given out by a President who cheated her way to office.

    But let justice be afforded to the ones' who had been asking for it for a long time and who deserves it.

    But personally... justice in the Philippines? Are you crazy?


    - rain - said...

    gusto ko mag-comment pero minit ang dugo ko s issue. nagdidilim lang agad paningin ko. grrrr.

    upoytao said...

    rain easy lang wag masyado init ulo hehehe