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  • A change of heart

    GMA the true terrorist

    Question: Why is the bomb that blasted Glorietta 2 came from the government?

    A. Because the government needs a diversion from its current dilemma of massive bribery.

    B. Because a terrorist would never attack a high class mall at 1:30 on a friday afternoon while there exist on that same day a 50-70% midnight sale on SM & Robinsons who both belong to the middle and lower classes ergo more people = more victims.

    c. Because the government angrily warned the opposition as the ones who would take advantage of the tragedy & use it against the government, even when the investigation hasn't finished yet.



    Look If I were a terrorist I'd bomb SM North Edsa first or better yet wait for the feast of the Nazarene in Quiapo where there really are lots of people.

    It took more than 48 hours for the investigation by the police and the military and yet there is no official report from them.

    After admitting that the bomb used was a c4 explosive supplied for the military the investigators eventually took it back and said that perhaps it was an accident.

    The next day after the bombing a group named rajah solaiman group trying to look like a muslim extremist terrorist admitted the bombing and asked for the release of their comrades. Take note this came after the bombing, I've seen enough national geographic where the terrorist demands first before bombing something if not bombing establishments associated or is a symbol of the ones they are against.


    The Government of Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has to end and she has to step down. No amount of bombing could stop the massive bribery or corruption or ZTE deals shall silence the already grief stricken nation even before hundreds are to be injured by the bombing, and a few being killed.

    And for those who support this government and would want to stomach its atrocities please wake up. You see its not just us who are against the government who are going to suffer GMA's stay in power in the end your sons and daughters will suffer them too.

    Its about time you take away that doubt which clouds your minds such questions as "Who would replace her? Will the government stay the same after her resignation or ousting?"

    You see people power didn't end in the 80's nor the ousting of Erap. It ends when people don't discriminate between whats' right and whats wrong and play the fool by dragging the argument longer with questions like the ones mentioned above.

    I agree, your questions hold water and the concept of "Stability" is a very powerful ideology for complacence. But look at how many innocent people have been killed? right now they are not activists or radicals. They are not whistle-blowers or people belonging to another party. They are the same people as you and me. They might be asking the same questions...

    If this drags on longer I can't imagine the country even moving on to 2030...

    Look you have stability but as to whose expense? At the expense of those who would want to have a better life? A better country? A better education? A better life?

    Again GMA must go down... Or help us God!