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lunar phases
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  • short and stout

    And so you leave,
    with your heartaches and forbidden memories,

    You leave this world of pollution and screaming cars
    the poverty and the misery
    the lovers and heartbreakers.

    how long has it been stranger?

    Six? Seven? Eight years?

    I don't know...
    I almost forgot how it was until I saw our pictures together.

    They were good old days isn't it?
    Yet good things really do come to an end.

    I guess you will never hear from me those words:
    "I told you so"

    Or the words: "Again??!!!"

    It's been good stranger.

    Those were times I'd tell my kids about
    or my grandsons and daughters

    "Listen I had a friend once, who's good at billiards but bad at being drunk."

    Oh how they would laugh
    I can almost see the glitter in their eyes

    But then again you're leaving

    Let's not say our goodbye's
    nor our apologies

    We have said much for and against each other
    thats what friends are and will always be

    Letting go is not too painful anyhow
    We have the memories to go back to just in case we missed each other

    And as you knew me once and before our painful separation:

    I always wished you well even if you pained me too much
    I always wished you well even if its against my principles
    I always wished you well despite my shortcomings
    I always wished you well after all thats happened

    and now I'm wishing you well again in your departure

    Let's not speak thereof anymore of this
    lest we get drunk in our stupor and we cling to our sins.

    My words have proven themselves and my actions otherwise.
    sail now and fly my dearest one.

    You belong to yourself and nobody else
    Good tidings-good tidings.

    oh teapot and twin teacups.