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lunar phases
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  • creating sleep

    I dreamt that I was running down EDSA with my shoes already wet from the running.
    I dreamt that Im already seated in my workstation drenched and before I was able to put out my slippers to dry my feet I was jolted up by a knock on the door.

    "Floyd di ka ba papasok?" my aunts voice echoed

    I looked outside--looked at the dark clouds and the tip-tap of the rain... I thought its been ages since I get to appreciate this mornings rain.

    again my aunt called "Oy floyd!" she opened the door and asked again

    "Uhhmm malaks ulan eh baka mag half-day na lang ako"

    I turned back to my left where I can see the window, I wasn't wearing my glasses but the blueness of the sky and the sadness it provokes hastens me to close my eyes.

    I heard the door behind me close and the slight laugh of my aunt "tsk tsk" she sounded

    I opened my eyes again... "shit I'm only gonna earn half a months salary if I keep on doing this..." i said to myself

    "I'm thinking of it again... money... shit..." when was the last time that I wasn't concerned about leaving the house without anything in my pocket?

    I don't remember anymore this foreboding of poverty kept my life in check and I only get to appreciate life's beauty whenever I look at the rain...

    I really love the rain... "this time you had me"

    I looked at my watch, its round and black made of iron and the one where you wind it at the back and when it alarms it is as if waking up the whole household.

    It's 9 am... "shit ulet"

    Must get up... must do something... must charge my cell phone... must eat breakfast... must take a bath...

    When was the last time I enjoyed doing these things? of waking up each morning as if opening a gift?

    I easily forget... maybe that is... But I always do remember the poverty... or the lack of opportunities... even the lack of sleep... whatever I think its the stomach speaking.

    Ahh.. I know I'm going to blog this... I said to myself...

    I'm going to blog about what happened... and what is happening and what I hope could happen.

    This is what happens when you get to read Anne Rice again... hmm.. Servant of the Bones ROCKS!!!!

    Im craving for nachos... shiiyyyeeettt!!!!

    Its almost 11... have to eat my fill and go to work.. sigh... I'm gonna miss you guys!!!


    Boy Liempo said...

    rain often does that to the cold-blooded among us... hehehe... ako nga, pag malakas ang ulan at madilim ang langit, parang gusto kong mag-hibernate na lang kesa pumasok :-)

    upoytao said...

    hehehe apir tayo dyan boy liempo sarap talaga humilata at magbasa lang ng libro hehehe