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lunar phases
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  • Total Helplessness

    A friend of mine who's a Muslim from a brood of four females is about to take her medical board exam next year.

    Upon meeting her back in manila we were able to catch up on things over a slice of pizza at sbarros.

    batchmates kami nung college she took biology while I took Mass communications (in hopes of being in the media which well... disappointed me anyway)

    Then I asked her about her plans in the future.

    "Haay floyd kelan pa ba ako nagkaron ng control sa buhay ko? all my life tatay ko ang nasusunod..."

    I don't know if magiging thankful ako dahil hindi ako muslim coz you see in their culture talagang sobrang paternalistic. Macho dapat at nasusunod ang tatay lagi kahit kadalasan mali.

    I remember that this friend of mine had a boyfriend before and she had to break up with him because he's not muslim. Well short of saying her father disallowed it.

    madami akong lam na stories like this like my friend who's chinese who had been keeping his relationship with a filipina for two years and eventually had to break up with her because his mom won't allow it.

    He told me di pa daw siya nakakita ng ganung klaseng babae sa buong buhay nya and he really loved her thath he's willing to elope with her.

    But the Filipina told her not to, and asked him to go back to his family, she said that she'd rather see him happy with his family than being disowned.

    My friend spent nights crying in church after that, as for the filipina she married and had a family.
    My friend also got married to a chinese and with his family's blessing they are both happy.

    Well you see I really don't see the point why these certain human rights violations are not being put to light. I honestly believe that every person has a right to his/her own happiness regardless of race, social status, color & gender.

    we fail to see that even though we are fighting for our human rights we give enough loopholes for tradition to overrun our sensibilities and small things like these are either pushed aside or accepted as the norm.

    Minsan naisip ko that if the chinese wants to marry kapwa nila chinese then let them go back to china. Or the muslim let him/her marry somewhere in the middle east.

    I feel that inspite of all the well being and hospitality our country had given them parang ang babaw naman na they will discriminate towards us or anybody.

    That is whats lacking in this God damned country, we lack laws that would make our lives better. Like for example its a crime to not let children go to school or be irresponsible parents in other countries.

    But anyway it has always been a problem in other countries and worse is their killing each other off by simply the color of skin, or religion.

    sad. sad. sad.