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lunar phases
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    How does it feel to be at 180lbs? it was just last saturday night that I found out I was 180lbs. The last time I checked it I was 150 hmm.. what the hell happened?

    I asked people around after that "Am I fat?"

    Thank God all of them said I'm not fat. In fact My body is proportioned and well intact.

    Come to think of it the only thing I hate about my body is my seemingly endless supply of belly fat. Yes I have tons of them and the last time I saw my abs was waay back in high school when I used to play basketball for 6 hours straight hahaha. yeah those were the days until my aunt was already short of sending me to the hospital for a drug check (Im glad she didnt!) but seriously i'm not an addict. I just love sports also at that time my hormones are raging (wink2x)

    But what is that scientific explanation for my being heavy?

    Look I can say perfectly say that I am one of the most active people around I think I already posted it sometime here in my blog the things I do everyday and that is yes go to the gym and play brazilian jiu-jitsu. in my spare time I also watch instructionals and ride my bike. Other times I just travel and go someplace where It doesn't entail spending much money. Either way I work out almost all the time. And Its been a year already time does fly.

    My instructor in the gym told me that Its muscle weight at the same time It has fats. I think I'll agree I really eat a lot. Like four eggs per lunch plus the viand and rice and another one at 4 in the afternoon and another one after practice.

    Yes I really do eat a lot the sport demands me to eat or else i'll blackout.

    themore the better. and now that the competition is drawing near im keeping up with my cardio.

    I'm really nervous shet!


    Floyd talk about yourself share something about what you think right now?

    Ok... Its like this I really don't know where to start but let me first share to you my idea of friends who come and go.

    Friends are good and worth keeping but I had some friends along the way whom I lost and sometimes wish I hadn't.

    I fu*&ed up a number of times but the heck shit does happen and I admit that its my fault.

    yah admitting is the hardest part. It takes a lot of maturity to really step up and say you're wrong.

    But these are people that cannot be reached or even if you say your apologies they'd rather cower back to their caves and keep it.

    I say there's courage in admitting your wrong but it takes double the courage to do something after admitting it.

    But anyway sometimes things are better left undone and perhaps one day if fate does exist we'll see each other and talk as normal human beings should.

    Age and time are factors really in knowing a person as well as hurting them and telling them your sorry.

    is this post vague? perhaps... I don't know you asked me something right? uhmm.. I'm really not good in speaking my mind.

    pasensya na...


    Last night I watched URCC 11 and the good thing is my teacher won! yes he did won he broke the nose of that iranian who's damn strong!

    hmm I wonder when I can join MMA...



    Boy Liempo said...

    180lbs? sisiw, floyd. ako 230lbs na (and counting!) hehehe.... si weng kaya gaano kabigat? :-)

    upoytao said...

    Boy liempo: ha? 230?/ bakit ka umabot ng ganun anong ginawa mo?? si weng? hmm siguro mga 200 na yun hehehe

    Boy Liempo said...

    kasalanan si sam ito. mula nung pinanganak siya e naka-tambay na lang yung bike ko sa bahay :-( at ako din yung taga-ubos ng tira-tirsa niyang gatas, juice at ulam! wehehehe

    raine pimentel said...

    oo nga. Lahat ng mga blockmate natin may mga anak at asawa na. Tumatanda na tayo tol!

    upoytao said...

    boy liempo: nakupow mahirap pala pag may bebe na tumataba ka pa lalo hehehe

    raine: hehehe kaw kelan ka mag-aasawa?