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lunar phases
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  • For Mariannet Amper

    "Gusto ko po sana magkaroon ng bagong sapatos at bag at hanapbuhay para sa nanay at tatay ko. Wala kasing hanapbuhay ang tatay at nagpa-extra extra lamang ang aking nanay sa paglalaba," she said in her "Wish Ko Lang" letter. [I wish for new shoes, a bag and jobs for my mother and father. My dad does not have a job and my mom just gets laundry jobs.]

    "Gusto ko na makatapos ako sa pag-aaral at gustong-gusto ko na makabili ng bagong bike," she added. [I would like to finish my schooling and I would like very much to buy a new bike.] - Mariannet Amper


    Look kid you're not an "isolated" case as Malakanyang said short of making your death as irrelevant as hunger and poverty in this country.

    I will never judge you nor tell you how wrong you are. No. I will never say that you don't own your life or that you owe it to your parents or the creator above.

    My dearest Mariannet I believe It is your freedom to do so-to take your life is your greatest freedom. I believe that It is equally courageous to kill oneself as well as to live it.

    They might say that you are a demented child a lonely girl looking for attention, that with your broken dreams and weak heart you choose to cut asunder your future.

    How would they know? Have they experienced yor pain? Have they looked into your eyes? And why is it that moviestars and famous people have the right to de depressed and get treatment? But alas not you my dear Mariannet you have to face this life astride the back of poverty. Oh poverty that great killer which our government has kept mum about.

    That while the government could give "Cash Gifts" left and right It has never given you and your kind a farts notice. Yes the government has thought that your poverty doesn't concern them. That your death is an "isolated" case.

    I think that wherever you are you will never be hungry again. You will have food on the table and you will play with angels. I know you killed yourself because you love your family. That you would rather give them peace than have them look for something to give you. I know you don't hate them but you hate what this government and this society had driven your demise.

    It is ok to die now Mariannet this country and this world doesn't deserve you. I would've followed your example if not for the hope of making more sense in this world.

    But i find you brave and admirable.

    Rest in peace my dear one. Rest in God and never be hungry ever again.

    I'll see you soon.