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lunar phases
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  • Them workers

    I woke up early today and was able to get to work on time.
    Not that the traffic left its usual sway of heavy indignations from relatively millions of commuters running to and fro.

    The traffic as it is remained the same but with some bouts of drunkenness from last night's partying them workers didn't go to work.

    Alas its saturday and I am working on the dot making the company richer (I guess)
    the ticket snugged tightly on the ticket machine or whatever you call that
    it registered 55 pesos remaining I was able to pass and ran towards the almost closing train
    in time I was able to push myself in

    "Excuse me" lots of them
    I have this sick habit of thinking what would happen if this train collides with another
    will I die?
    If this train is struck by lightning
    will I die?

    the journey came as expected
    the rush of blood to the legs carried emotionless bounty from the cramped space.

    entering from Cubao station a number of women were laughing their lot as male hands grope on their asses or whatsoever afterwards asking them questions such as
    "Why are you not on the female section of the train?"
    The response was another round of giggles.

    I wasn't able to see their faces they are small
    like dust in a trail of sand heading south.

    "I'm nearing my stop"

    As the door opened I strode forward almost running and jumping on the stairs climbing it in between two heavy strides.

    I rode a jeepney looked around
    the old woman in front of me seated at the back of the driver was mumbling something perhaps asking the driver shes barely audible.
    In the distance a sampaguita flew inside the drivers dashboard
    I can see there are a lot of sampaguitas already hanging on his rearview mirror.
    the driver laughed as if saying "That guy I just owed him again, freak!"

    the ride was short
    in five minutes I was running up to my building and to our office
    sink into my always destructible chair

    another day
    just another day