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lunar phases
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    from the memoirs of Doggie Young

    (ANG GWARDYANG SI PERF): Hello?... Ah yes mam, por a while. Please hang yourself.

    Reynalene Untalan: "If the odds are against me, then I will against them."

    Inday Badiday asks a starlet about her mother's burial:
    Inday: Kumusta ang libing ng nanay mo?
    Starlet: Successful naman po.

    C.A.T. Officer: "Do you know why I ask you to stand?"
    Rody Cornejo:"No, sir." "Ok, why?"

    Mr.GIRON: "Baka gusto nyong ibilad ko kayo sa covered courts."

    Ms.CEBRERO: Class, I want you to watch sex scenes.
    Class: What?! Tits!
    Ms.Cebrero: What's wrong? It's a beautiful film starring Bros Welles! (Bruce Willis)
    Class: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

    Sa isang examination:
    LOUIE: Mam, pwedeng gumamit ng liquid paper?
    Ms.Diniega: Ang kulit naman! Sinabi nang pad paper lang eh. Adik!

    After the examination:
    Ms.Cebrero: Okey, time is up. One, two, three. Come your papers to me!

    A reporter interviews Mr.Orencia about the Philippine economy.
    Mr.Orencia: Talagang mahirap ang buhay natin ngayon. Pero slow by slow, we will success.

    Mr.Mendoza: "Ayoko na ng nadidistorbo turo ko ha..simulan na natin class...In Science..,teka teka teka! Marvin asan napala yung bayad mo sa bola!"

    Heard at Mc Do:
    Yaya: Ma'm, gusto po ni Aileen ng KIDNEY MEAL!

    Ms.Manangbao: What is ur name?
    Student: Jeyo...
    Ms.Manangbao: What is ur old?

    Ms.DINIEGA: Okay, form two straight circles and find your height
    alphabetically! Bilisan niyo! Adik!

    Mrs.BARRETO: Okay class, it's time to go home. Form a line and
    pass out slowly.

    Mrs.CRUZ: I want you to bring your father and your mother, especially your parents, understood?! Bring them tomorrow in front of me, right here, right now!

    Posted in Gate Entrance:
    " No ID, Nothing entry. "

    Mr.SANTOS: Oy, magdala kayo ng chip ahoy a.
    B-3: Ser! may "s" yon...
    Mr.SANTOS: A, sorry. Chip ahoys!

    Ms.G: Is it raining outside?
    Ms.CEBRERO: Not yet. Sprinkle only.



    The best talaga High School life ko waaahhhhh


    ninjathet_0312 said...

    lols this post reminds me of my high school economics much with trrying hard English...LOL

    upoytao said...

    hahha asteeg mga teachers namin ng high skul mehn da bess!!

    katz rivera said...

    u made my day!! laugh trip ito! hahaha! :D