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lunar phases
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  • For Ana Escalante Neri

    Ana Escalante Neri

    Poets are monsters,
    They open you up and turn you inside out.
    They will ravage your soul,
    tear it, til it bleeds melancholic verses spewed in their pen.

    Poets are vampires,
    They keep themselves in the dark with their watchful eyes,
    they bury themselves for a moments peace but with eyes open - yes with eyes open.

    To A Poet and Poets alike this is that chain of continuity,
    Where death threads peaceful - hand in hand with them who walks the path of carelessness - searching for the beauty in life.

    It is through this that poets write,
    the soul's revolution - the black hole of consternation - the symphony in chaos returned forthright.

    The abyss of gratitude drawn by words kept yearning til the thirst becomes weak.

    It is this that poets make you weak.


    allan roi said...

    Ana was a student of mine when she was a junior in high school. X, she liked to be called then. Sad as it is, I refuse to believe that she took her own life. I light candle for her tonight

    upoytao said...

    allan roi: its really sad... gone too soon talaga haay...

    Jeanette said...

    ana's been a part of our family...she's my sister-in-law's best friend... she came here to the US to be the bridesmaid... i will always remember her smiles and stories... ana you will always be remembered...

    upoytao said...

    hello jeanette
    its really sad to know about her sad demise i pray she rest in peace...