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lunar phases
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  • survey daw hanyehnyeh

    1. What would you do if you received a
    long love letter?
    ~ depende kanino galing pero babasahin ko parin kahit papaano hehehe malay ko ba di para sakin yun nyahahaha

    2. Describe your crush?
    ~ matalino, mabait, diyosa!!

    3. Do you text message alot?
    ~ depende pag may oras

    4. Do you believe in love at first
    ~ pano pag bulag? nyahaha di siguro... di ako naniniwala sa lab at pers sayt

    5. Whats your favorite color(s)?
    ~ orange, red, yellow, purple

    6. Do you prefer to sleep or talk to a
    friend when it gets boring in class?
    ~ depende sa teacher usually nagdodrowing ako or nagbabasa ng ibang libro hehehe

    7. One thing that you like about your
    ~ daming banyo

    8. Rudest thing you have done to
    ~ kinakagat ko dati dila ko if nagmumura ako hahaha

    9. last song u downloaded?
    ~ tool complete discography

    10. Which part of your body is itchy
    and aching now?
    ~ hita

    11. If you can have a choice, would you
    prefer to be friends or attached with
    someone you love now?
    ~ hahaha depende yan

    12. In one word, describe your day
    ~ ponyetang traffic! daming tao! MRT sucks!

    13. What website(s) have you opened?
    ~ blog, utopia, work work work woooooorrrrkkkk

    14. What song are you listening to now?
    ~ stina nordenstam - somthing nice

    15. The latest news you've received?
    ~ wala pa di pako nag-open ng news sa net

    16. What can't you live without?
    ~ food hehehe lots of them

    17. Who can't you live without?
    ~ hmm... the people who mattered

    18. What do people think when they
    first saw you?
    ~ isnatcher! iskwater! seryoso! bading! (gusto mo sapak?)

    19. What was the last book you bought?
    ~ hmm wala eh di nako masyado bumibili ng libro

    20. Excited ka ba sa birthday mo?
    ~ oo naman hehehe

    21.if someone said you look nice you'd
    - matsalams salamtsu!!!

    22. if someone said you sound weird
    you'd say..
    - ah eh sa lagay pala ikaw normal? eng??!!

    23. if someone said you're intelligent
    you'd say...
    - you are the chosen one neo!!!

    24. if someone said
    he/she doesn't like you you'd say...
    - uhmm bakit?

    25. if someone said your last
    relationship's break-up was your fault
    you'd say...
    - INAMO!

    26.if someone said you're heartless
    you'd say...
    - oks na yun kesa homeless hehehe

    27. if someone said you have bad
    friends you'd say...
    - uhmm baka kasi di maganda ang childhood mo?

    28. if someone said you need an
    attitude make-over you'd say...
    - o sige kaw mukha mo makeover nyahahaha

    29. if someone said you don't get
    hurt, at all, you'd say...
    - di ha sakit kaya pag naglalaro ako ng jiu-jitsu jusme!

    30. if someone said you're selfish
    you'd say...
    - selfishness is a virtue dear

    31. what's the funniest thing that
    someone said today?
    - Imbento ka nanaman cams!!!-zac

    32. what would you say to
    someone who betrayed you behind your
    - (swerte na lang nya if makakapagsalita pako usually inuupakan ko agad eh walang sali-salita hehehe)

    33. what is the ultimate "kilig" line
    for you?
    - wabyu ga!

    34. what is the best love line you
    heard so far?
    - There are three things in this world that you cannot hide: Poverty, cough and being in love -Il Mare

    35. if words could kill, what words
    would kill you?
    - baho ng putok/hininga mo mehhn!!!