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lunar phases
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  • On turning 27 and more...

    27... such is the number that I thought about, time and again in my youth.

    Such questions as: Would I reach 27? Will i be rich when I'm 27? Am I gonna have kids when I'm 27? Are my friends still my friends when I'm 27?

    All of them are answered as I commenced living my life as simple as it is and as complicated as it was.

    Lessons Learned

    I learned a lot in the span of 26 years.
    Found new friends, had some enemies, forgiven some, shunned some, hated some, loved some.
    But in all these I always am thankful in the divine for giving me this opportunity to live this life (or whatever you may call it hehehe) God gave me good health, good friends, good family, good education (though i still hope i did well hehehe puros gudtaym naman kasi eh) all of them good waahh hehehe

    Honestly I have my regrets (who wouldnt anyway?) but one of them being not able to learn jiu-jitsu at an early age... YES I'm addicted to Jiu-jitsu... I love it and I want to learn more on it I also want to compete in MMA haay I guess medyo matatagalan pako dun...

    So what now?

    I bought myself a new phone courtesy of an angel and my kapatid julien, by the way birthday din pala ni jade last July 7 , so happy birthday din pre mabuhay ka! hehehe

    My phone is sum kinda mahal pero ayus lang kahit medyo mahirap bayaran... as of this writing I still have yet to pay for it completely.

    Had a party in the office courtesy naman of Zac our programmer, why you ask? he lend me 1k for all the food I bought hehehe and on top of that my SEO teammates camz, roanne, ate rhiz, Sir gabs, lauren, reiner bought me donuts (yung favorite ko) and FHM magazine.

    other officemates provided some good shots (tnx rico)

    but above all else salamat sa diyos for everything hehehe

    Birthday party ulit

    Had another party at home - one word... lasheng soobra hehehe

    basta masaya na ewan hehehe

    Why the blog?

    Why I brought back this blog is plain and simple: Because there is too much more to life than not writing about it hehehe

    and for all those who put me down: A POX ON YOUR ARSES!!!!



    rudyman said...

    tol happy birthday! hehe tagay tayo jan. :)

    MeemaX said...

    ppllooooyyyddd! naalala ko dati lagi kitang tinatanong kung ****** ka pa tuwing bday mo! nyahahahah!!!

    miss you tol!

    Panda Bear Isha said...

    gagu. HaHA 27 ka na pala. Belat. Ako 25 lang. Lolo floyd. Wahaha.

    upoytao said...

    rudy: salamat tol waahh tanda ko na hehehe

    Meemax: hehehe salamat namiss na kita mehn hehehe

    isha: hehehe bata pako noh bata isip nyahahaha

    kat said...

    belated happy birthday! kahit papano i-celebrate ang birthday, importante naging masaya naman! keep blogging!

    upoytao said...

    kat: uy maraming salamat i love ur pix mabuhay ka ^_^