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  • Ana Escalante Neri Silenced?

    Ana Escalante Neri (1978-2007)

    Even In her death she is silenced, or so the impression it left me after visiting her mutiply site whom lots of admirers, friends and relatives were sending their eulogies and theories surrounding her death.

    I do not condone the nature of privacy if that is what she wants and that is what the family wants. But needless to say Ana has become a public entity. Her life and struggles has been a constant inspiration to other writers and adventurers alike as well as "depressed" human beings.

    She has become an Icon suffice to say of femininity. She Is a poets' poet and a writer's writer. Even now almost a month ago from her death people are still asking "Why?"

    People are still searching and looking for her pictures her adventures her dreams her articles, her loves, her EVERYTHING.

    Just so everyone would know, the entries in her multiply site sparks of debates such as the motive behind her apparent "suicide" and the circumstances surrounding her "depression" before she allegedly took her life.

    Questions such as "Where is the autopsy report?"
    "What does it say?" "What are Ana's problems?" are being addressed in the site and I have to admit that I have been an avid reader of these conversation and exchanges trying to play the role of an audience in between arguments.

    It is not the malevolence of the exchanges that makes it more complicated to begin with nor the intention of those people who are in the process of asking questions than propose answers.

    It is the lack of answers thereof that kept me coming back. It is the thrist for Ana's thoughts and Ideas that kept me coming back.

    By taking down Ana's site she was silenced. Silenced as never been silenced before.

    I ask myself is that what her family wants?
    As far as the exchanges are concerned most of the arguments came from her relatives
    they were the one's who asks the questions, they were the one's looking for answers.

    So it bothers me really. What is there to hide from? What is there to keep from Ana's followers? Is she just another statistic to be placed alongside poets who suffered her fate?
    Is she to be obscured by censorship?

    One thing's for sure Ana left the site months ago but she NEVER pulled it down she left it as it is with her thoughts and memories.

    By writing, sending eulogies, questioning, searching, in her site doesn't undermine its worth nor does it taint its former glory.

    In effect it even gave it its proper place or rather pinnacle it rightfully deserves.

    Shakespeare had his theatres, Rizal had his journals, ANA had her site.

    And even it was SILENCED...


    ladiemae said...

    hi there!
    i've came to learn about ana through the numerous links i chanced upon last week. and up to now i still wonder what her blog (barefootcebu) contains-- makes me wish ive known her too before she died-- or at least have read her blog and her writings. i also wish thered be a book published on her-- her journals-- photos-- anecdotes. There's a lot to learn from her life that people could get inspiration from.