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lunar phases
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    ethel said...

    Your blog entry was one of 2 that Fr. J Boy Gonzalez, UP Parish Priest, chose to read as part of his homily at the mass he held in observance of Dr. David's 40th day, August 22 at the Psychology Building (PHAN) Lobby.

    Having read all blog entries on Dr. David earlier, I agree with Fr. Gonzalez' choices.

    However, for the sake of accuracy, I have to make a few corrections.

    1) Dr. David was not a chemist or a lawyer. He did intend to study law at UP, but a "chance class encounter with an English professor", as I put it in Dr. David's website,, made him shift to A.B. English.

    2) It wasn't a "first born son" but a daughter who drowned, not in "a fountain in the school where he was teaching", but in the swimming pool of the apartment complex where our family was staying in at the time. Dr. David had just finished his M.A. Psychology at Bryn Mawr College and was just starting with his Ph.D. at Temple University.

    3) Our 7 children attended grade school at the UP Integrated School (UPIS); the 8th, at Jose Abad Santos Memorial School (JASMS).

    As I told our very good friends, Profs. Pepe & Fe Domingo, I hope the part which says "he loved his wife so much" isn't an unfounded rumor. :)

    Thanks for the reminiscences. They lessen the burden of pain, and they serve to reassure the family that my husband's devotion to teaching Psychology had not been in vain, after all.

    Ethel P. David

    August 22 was Dr. David's 40th day. In Christian belief it is said that the soul walks
    the earth for 40 days before finally ascending
    to heaven.

    "I ask myself was he also there when I was in front of his office and I held the door and
    talked to myself? Did he hear the words I said?"

    I hope he did...

    I just read the above written comment by his wife and I was glad and sad at the same time.
    Glad because my offering to the great person was read in the homily but sad because I wasn't able to attend the mass...

    In life we really have this regrets but what are regrets but simple what if's and what not's.
    All in all I'm happy... I'm happy for having known a person who always points me to my north star...

    All my life I wanted to be a teacher... and most of my down moments I tend to read the sayings of this great teacher...

    They helped me a lot Doctor... Yes they helped me lot...

    Again Thank You...