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lunar phases
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  • I Wanna Be Yours

    John Cooper Clarke

    let me be your vacuum cleaner
    breathing in your dust
    let me be your ford cortina
    i will never rust
    if you like your coffee hot
    let me be your coffee pot
    you call the shots
    i wanna be yours

    let me be your raincoat
    for those frequent rainy days
    let me be your dreamboat
    when you wanna sail away
    let me be your teddy bear
    take me with you anywhere
    i don’t care
    i wanna be yours

    let me be your electric meter
    i will not run out
    let me be the electric heater
    you get cold without
    let me be your setting lotion
    hold your hair with deep devotion
    deep as the deep atlantic ocean
    that’s how deep is my emotion
    deep deep deep deep de deep deep
    i don’t wanna be hers
    i wanna be yours