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lunar phases
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  • Wazzzuuppp???

    I can remember na yung purpose ng blog na ito is to let out some steam from work, lovelife, and just life.

    It started way back 2004 and I was 24 (wow rhyming) I have to admit I don't know shit back then which makes me think that perhaps what I'm writing now may not be worth any shit in the future, but what the heck.

    I can remember working in a call center and opening this blog every single day posting poems, songs, pictures and whatever things inside my head that would fit my reverie.

    And now pagbukas ko wala na akong nakikitang bago. Parang nagpapahinga na lang siya parang alak na naghihintay tikman muli.

    Yun nga para na itong alak nakakalasing kung babasahin pabalik.

    Ganun na pala katagal?

    2008 na ngayon at ang tema pa rin ng blog ko eh mga buhay buhay ko.

    Di ko na matandaan kung anong date klita unang nilagyan ng post pero pakiramdam ko dapat i-congratulate kita sa kabaitan mo sakin at mga kalokohan natin hehehe

    here's to you dear blog MMMMMMWWWAAAHHHH!


    rudyman said...

    tol contratulations sa blog mo hehe mag bablog narin ako ulit.. o yeah

    Gemma said...

    Writing is good way of expressing ones self to let off pressure.

    But don't stop once you feel better.

    philippines airlines said...

    I love writing in my diary, it lets me unwind. its really nice to get back to it after a while and read how i used to feel. it lets me put things in perspective. after my last break up i felt so awful. i went back t entries in my diary from a previous relationship. it showed to me that life goes on, it doesnt matter if u are hurt now as long as you keep on going and never lose faith!

    Download Torrents said...

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